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Product Features FAQs

Last updated: 2023-10-13 14:27:26

    How can I connect my site to EdgeOne?

    EdgeOne supports NS and CNAME connection.

    What security capabilities does EdgeOne have?

    It can prevent web application layer, DDoS, CC, bot, and crawler attacks and allows you to configure complicated custom access control rules based on your business needs.

    Does EdgeOne support cross-region accerlation?

    EdgeOne deploys edge nodes in to fully meet your cross-region business needs. For specific available regions, contact us.

    Does EdgeOne support sites not deployed on Tencent Cloud?

    Yes. For more details, please contact us.

    Does EdgeOne support API operations?

    Yes. EdgeOne supports TencentCloud API and Terraform API.

    Does EdgeOne support dynamic acceleration?

    Yes. It supports scenarios where requests for dynamic/static hybrid resources need to be accelerated. It can optimize the request response time and stability to deliver a high-quality and smooth access experience for websites.

    What site business security protection capabilities does EdgeOne offer?

    EdgeOne provides web and bot protection for HTTP and HTTPS-based website businesses. Specific web protection rules include those for web security, OWASP rules, custom characteristics, and frequency control.

    What non-site business security protection capabilities does EdgeOne offer?

    EdgeOne provides DDoS attack protection for TCP and UDP applications with specified ports, such as detection and protection against common types of DDoS attack, filtering rules by port, protocol, source IP region, and custom packet characteristic, and UDP watermark protection (coming soon).
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