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Last updated: 2024-05-07 11:35:49

    EdgeOne Overview

    Tencent Cloud EdgeOne provides an acceleration and security solution based on Tencent edge nodes to safeguard diverse industries such as ecommerce, retail, finance service, content and news, and gaming and improve their user experience.
    Acceleration: Edge nodes are closer to users, which greatly reduce the data access latency, avoid data transfer jitters, and guarantee the stability and effectiveness during the transfer of massive amounts of data. In addition, EdgeOne has many acceleration features, including dynamic/static data acceleration, cross-border acceleration, and smart route optimization, to efficiently support latency-sensitive businesses.
    Security: Security protection services such as WAF and Anti-DDoS are provided. Nodes identify and block various layer-3/4/7 attack requests, cleanse DDoS attack traffic, and use the smart AI engine and bot policy engine to analyze the behaviors of web, bot, and CC attacks and update attack blocking policies. This helps prevent malicious requests from reaching your origin servers and guarantee a smooth and stable access to your business.



    Domain management

    It supports DNS resolution and unified management for domains of any type and can add DNS records.

    Automatic DNS record import

    After a domain name is added, all host records are automatically imported under the domain name.

    Real-time synchronization

    DNS record modifications can be synchronized to the DNS server within seconds.

    Exception alarms

    Alarming is provided to detect exceptional operations during DNS record modification, which helps ensure domain security.

    Record type

    The following record types are supported: A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS, SRV, URL, and Framed URL.

    Cloud resource binding

    Association with Tencent Cloud resources allows resolution to CVM and CLB.


    Features such as DNS statistics, domain lock, and CNAME acceleration are also offered.

    DDoS mitigation

    Tencent Cloud Anti-DDoS is a comprehensive, efficient, and professional service for DDoS attack prevention, providing enterprises and organizations with various solutions. Leveraging abundant, quality DDoS protection resources and with the aid of ever-improving cleansing algorithms, Tencent Cloud Anti-DDoS brings security and safety to user business.

    Web protection

    Based on Tencent's massive web attack samples, EdgeOne supports identifying good access requests from bad ones and protecting your origin server against web attacks including SQL injection, XSS attacks and local file inclusion in real time. With the self-developed AI engine incorporating Tencent's billion-level threat intelligence, a more accurate and effective identification and blocking mechanism can be implemented.

    Bot protection

    It integrates the Tencent Cloud bot program management feature and has a bot behavior library covering many crawler types such as ads, screencapturing tools, search engines, site monitoring, and link query. Its unique AI technology analyzes and builds models for all user request behaviors to intelligently identify abnormal traffic. In addition, it supports custom session protection policies.


    EdgeOne uses a combination of edge nodes and regional centers to enhance acceleration via intelligent cross-node routing and targeted path optimization. This service effectively resolves cross-border latency issues and delivers an improved global user experience.
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