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Last updated: 2023-12-26 18:21:40

    How It Works

    L4 proxy is the acceleration service of EdgeOne based on TCP/UDP. By leveraging widely distributed layer-4 proxy nodes, unique DDoS module, and smart routing technology, EdgeOne implements nearby access for end users, edge traffic cleansing, and port monitoring and forwarding. It thus offers high-availability and low-latency DDoS mitigation and acceleration services for layer-4 applications.

    Use Cases

    Game Acceleration

    L4 proxy accelerates data transmission over TCP/UDP for mobile and PC games, such as real-time battle games and MMORPGs that require global access to a unified server. L4 proxy connects players to the nearest high-speed channels to reduce the packet loss rate and latency of the game due to varying network conditions across regions.

    OA Application Acceleration

    Generally, in cross-regional OA scenarios, the business data of a company is stored in the master data center at its headquarters. This often results in a high packet loss rate with high latency during cross-regional communication due to network issues, causing troubles in cross-regional business access and data synchronization. L4 proxy effectively solves those network issues and improves the business access experience by connecting users to the nearest EdgeOne nodes and optimizing the access links.

    Real-time Audio/Video

    L4 proxy supports forwarding acceleration over UDP. This ensures reliable audio and video transmission in real-time interactive scenarios, such as video meetings and video communication between anchors and audience members. L4 proxy solves network issues such as audio/video lags, packet loss, and high latency during cross-ISP, long distance, and cross-border communication.

    Instance Quotas

    By default, L4 proxy provides one instance in CNAME access mode. To connect through an anycast IP address or add more CNAME instances, go to the L4 Proxy page and click Adjust quota. For more information about the pricing of instances, see L4 proxy instance.
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