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Architecture of Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC

Last updated: 2023-09-11 16:27:25
The way Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC stands out is that it doesn't have a single centralized Gateway. Similar to the competitors, our infrastructure consists of nodes behind a load balancer that gets a request from the client and calculates the fastest processing solution to route the request.

Our fundamental distinction is that we use a whole network of geo-distributed load balancers instead of a single one for that purpose. Such an approach reduces the time needed for the request to get to a load balancer. And you don't have to work in NASA to realize that it's quicker for a user from Australia to reach an Australia-based load balancer than the one elsewhere.

Additionally, we take pride in our extensive geographic distribution of nodes, which continues to expand. And we're committed to building our network of nodes coupled by location to the network of load balancers. Thereby, we reduce the request processing time (the time a request goes from the load balancer to the node and back), making the geographical distribution and the nodes-to-load-balancers coupling a powerful solution to increase infrastructure effectiveness and reduce querying latency.

Our geo-distributed architecture of nodes and load balancers aims to deliver consistently high-quality services to users, regardless of their location.
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