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Last updated: 2024-03-21 15:03:51


    Edge Zone supports resource purchase on demand and dynamic resource scaling, achieving zero investment in capital and labor at the earlier stage.

    Low Latency for Terminal Users

    Edge Zone covers most major capital cities across the country. It supports placing computing resources closer to the terminal users and ensures low latency for them.

    Consistent Experience Across Availability Zones

    Edge Zone supports core products such as Cloud Virtual Machine, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Connect Network, Cloud Load Balancer, and Container, enabling seamless cloud-edge integration. Applications can quickly, safely, and seamlessly access all services in the parent zone, accessing a consistent experience across availability zones.

    Diverse Configuration

    Edge Zone provides an open-running environment and calculation specifications. It caters to the different needs of users, offering bulk and flexible resource control to meet the resource requirements of applications.

    High Availability

    Provides 24/7 on-site operations and maintenance, fully escorted by a professional team.
    Provides 99.9% High Availability to ensure stable business operation.
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