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Operation Guide Overview

Last updated: 2024-03-21 15:05:29
    In essence, Edge Zone is an availability zone within a public cloud, with availability zones spread across various regions nationwide.
    Edge Zone supports Cloud Virtual Machine, Public Network, Virtual Private Cloud, and Cloud Load Balancer.
    The methods of creating and using the above products in Edge Zone are similar to those of the ordinary public cloud availability zones. Please refer to the official documentation of the corresponding products for specific operation methods.
    For the use of Cloud Virtual Machine resources, see Cloud Virtual Machine Operation Guide Overview.
    For the use of Elastic IP resources, see Elastic IP Operation Guide Overview.
    For the use of Virtual Private Cloud, see Virtual Private Cloud Operational Overview.
    For using Cloud Load Balancer, see Cloud Load Balancer Operation Guide Overview.


    The main differences between Edge Zone and ordinary public clouds in terms of usage are as follows:
    Cloud Virtual Machine
    Custom image
    Edge Zone supports the creation of custom images, supported for use in both ordinary public cloud availability zones and Edge Zone availability zones.
    Custom images created in ordinary public cloud availability zones are not supported within the Edge Zone.
    Cloud Virtual Machine
    Cloud disk
    Edge Zone currently only supports local disks and does not support the creation and use of Cloud Block Storage.
    Cloud Virtual Machine
    No charges when shut down
    Edge Zone does not currently support the feature of no charges when shut down.
    Cloud Virtual Machine
    Upgrade or downgrade
    Edge Zone does not currently support the feature of upgrade or downgrade.
    Public Network
    Public network type
    Edge Zone does not support BGP, only supports IPs from CTCC, CUCC, and CMCC

    Edge Zone Purchase Page

    1. To purchase Edge Zone resources, you need to apply for Edge Zone product permissions first. For detailed operation methods, see Quick Start.
    2. After the application is approved, we will enable the Edge Zone product feature for your account.
    3. You can sign in to the CVM Instances, click Create to access the purchase page. On the purchase page, you will see the Edge Zone availability zone option. After choosing the proper availability zone, you can refer to the prompts to configure specifications, images, disks, and other parameters. The overall purchasing experience is similar to CVM.
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