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Last updated: 2022-01-14 11:34:16

    Pay-as-You-Go Resource Refund

    Pay-as-You-Go instances can be released at any time, and billing will stop after they are released.

    Monthly Subscribed Resource Refund

    If you have any dissatisfaction after purchasing an API Gateway dedicated instance, you can return it unconditionally within five days after purchase. The specific rules are as detailed below:

    • Each account can return one dedicated instance unconditionally within five (inclusive) days after purchase. The refunded amount is all the amount paid for purchase, including the cash amount, earnings amount, and gift card amount.

    • Tencent Cloud reserves the right to reject return requests.


      • Rebates and vouchers will not be returned.
      • All the refunded amount will be credited into your Tencent Cloud account.
    • For return orders that don't meet the 5-day unconditional return policy, submit a ticket for refund.

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