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Last updated: 2020-05-06 10:48:31

    Is API Gateway a paid service?

    Billing for API Gateway started at 23:59:59, February 13, 2020. Please top up your Tencent Cloud account in time in order to avoid potential service suspension. For more information, please see Billing Overview.

    What is the billing cycle for API Gateway?

    API Gateway is billed on an hourly basis. Tencent Cloud generates hourly bills for API calls, typically within 30 minutes after the end of the current billing cycle.

    How is traffic of less than 1 GB charged?

    If you consume billable traffic of 1 GB and 200 MB within one hour, the system will automatically convert the traffic of 200 MB to GB for billing (1 GB and 200 MB = 1 + 200/1024 = 1.1953 GB) based on which traffic fees for the hour will be calculated.

    Is it normal if multiple bills are generated on an hourly basis?

    It is normal if multiple bills are generated for one hour, as API Gateway is billed in a tiered manner. If multiple tiers are hit within one hour, then multiple bills will be generated separately.

    Is API Gateway billed separately in different regions?

    API Gateway is billed based on two metrics: the number of calls and traffic. The number of calls is billed at the same price in all regions, while the traffic is billed at different prices in different regions. For detailed prices, please see Billing Overview.

    What should I do if I have doubt about any bill?

    If you have doubt about any bill, please see Billing Overview for more information on how API Gateway is billed, and view the billing details in the Billing section in the console.
    In addition, the usage information pushed on an hourly basis for the last 30 days is retained on the backend of API Gateway, and you can ask technical support for details by submitting a ticket.

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