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    For more information, please see Anycast Internet Acceleration.

    Anycast Internet Acceleration

    Anycast Internet Acceleration (AIA) is a global dynamic acceleration network that can greatly improve the internet access experience of your business. Different from other acceleration services at the application layer, it is capable of achieving network transfer optimization and multi-entry nearby access while reducing network jitter and packet loss, which can ultimately increase the service quality of your in-cloud applications, expand their service scope, and streamline backend deployment.


    For more information, please see Border Gateway Protocol.

    Border Gateway Protocol

    Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is an autonomous system routing protocol that runs on TCP.


    Unicast is a transfer method where a separate data channel needs to be established between the client and media server. Each packet sent from one server can only be delivered to one client.


    Broadcast means to broadcast the packets in an IP subnet, and all servers in the subnet will receive these packets.


    Anycast refers to the communication between a sender and the nearest group of receivers. When a unicast address is assigned to more than one API, packets sent to these APIs will be routed by the network to the closest destination API as measured by the routing protocol.


    Multicast refers to the point-to-multipoint network connection between the sender and each receiver. If one sender transfers the same data to multiple receivers at the same time, only one copy of the same data packet is needed.
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