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1. API Description

Domain name for API request: gme.tencentcloudapi.com.

This API is used to create a GME application.

A maximum of 200 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

We recommend you to use API Explorer
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API Explorer provides a range of capabilities, including online call, signature authentication, SDK code generation, and API quick search. It enables you to view the request, response, and auto-generated examples.

2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete common parameter list, see Common Request Parameters.
This document describes the parameters for Signature V1. It's recommended to use the V3 signature, which provides higher security. Note that for Signature V3, the common parameters need to be placed in the HTTP Header. See details.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: CreateApp.
Version Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: 2018-07-11.
Region No String Common parameter. This parameter is not required for this API.
AppName Yes String Application name
ProjectId No Integer Tencent Cloud project ID. Default value: 0, which means the default project
EngineList.N No Array of String List of engines to be supported. All values are selected by default.
RegionList.N No Array of String Service region list. All values are selected by default.
RealtimeSpeechConf No RealtimeSpeechConf Configuration information of voice chat
VoiceMessageConf No VoiceMessageConf Configuration information of voice messaging and speech-to-text
VoiceFilterConf No VoiceFilterConf Configuration information of phrase analysis
Tags.N No Array of Tag List of tags to be added

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
Data CreateAppResp Returned data
RequestId String The unique request ID, which is returned for each request. RequestId is required for locating a problem.

4. Example

Example1 Creating a GME app by using custom configuration

This example shows you how to enable high-quality voice chat and phrase filtering, and disable voice messaging for a project.

Input Example

&<common request parameters>

Output Example

  "Response": {
    "Data": {
      "AppName": "simple_gme_application",
      "CreateTime": 1568945078,
      "ProjectId": 10000,
      "BizId": 140000002,
      "SecretKey": "abcdefghijklmnop",
      "RealtimeSpeechConf": {
        "Status": "open",
        "Quality": "high"
      "VoiceMessageConf": {
        "Status": "open",
        "Language": "cnen"
      "VoiceFilterConf": {
        "Status": "open"
    "RequestId": "d61be8ca-f010-11e9-af81-fa163ee00eb7"

5. Developer Resources


TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates SDKs that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call APIs.

Command Line Interface

6. Error Code

The following only lists the error codes related to the API business logic. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

Error Code Description
FailedOperation Operation failed.
FailedOperation.UserFeeNegative Operation not allowed as your account is in arrears.
InternalError Internal error.
InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter.
InvalidParameter.TagKey Incorrect tag.
LimitExceeded.Application The number of created applications has reached the upper limit.
UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized operation
UnauthorizedOperation.CreateAppDenied Application creation is not authorized.
UnauthorizedOperation.UnRealNameAuth Unverified user.
UnknownParameter Unknown parameter.
UnsupportedOperation Operation unsupported.




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