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Last updated: 2022-12-23 14:59:01


    MSP is a cloud data migration service and tool provided by Tencent Cloud. It enables you to easily migrate data from third-party data sources to Tencent Cloud COS or migrate data between different COS buckets.

    Supported data sources

    Alibaba Cloud OSS, AWS S3 (International), HTTP URL list, and Tencent Cloud COS.

    Migration mode

    Semi-managed migration

    In semi-managed migration mode, after creating a task in the console, you also need to manually deploy the migration Agent on your own server as instructed in Using Semi-Managed Migration Agent. The Agent first obtains your task through a fixed network request and then pulls the source data and upload it to COS over the network. At the same time, it displays the real-time progress in the console, so that you can monitor your task just like in fully managed mode. For more information on how to create a task, see the corresponding instructions for different source vendors.


    1. In semi-managed mode, there may be different traffic fees depending on the location of the deployed Agent server. Traffic is not billed during Agent semi-managed migration if a direct connection is established between the source data cloud vendor and Tencent Cloud COS. Therefore, we recommend you perform Agent semi-managed migration if Direct Connect is available.
    2. The compute and network resources in semi-managed mode are dedicated to you, so you can accurately estimated the speed and resource usage as needed. This mode is suitable for those who need to migrate a high volume of data quickly or over direct connections.

    Data check

    1. All data will be simply checked for size consistency.
    2. If the header information of the source file carries a carries a CRC-64 or Content-MD5 checksum, it will be checked whether the source and target content checksums are the same.
    3. If there are no such checksums, a spot check will be performed on sampled content bytes of the source and target files.
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