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Harvest Jobs

Last updated: 2024-01-06 13:59:16
    A harvest job represents a request to extract a live-to-VOD (video on demand) asset from an endpoint for a specific timeframe in the past. StreamPackage uses information from the harvest job to determine the start and end times of the asset, and where to store it after the harvest job is complete. A harvest job runs only once after it's been created. StreamPackage keeps a record of the job on your account for reference only. You can't modify or delete a record once you've created the harvest job.
    Time-shifted Viewing feature must be enabled. The startover window determines the time frame that assets can be harvested from your endpoint. Your harvest job must fall within your StreamPackage endpoint's startover window. For example, if your endpoint has a startover window of 30 days, you can harvest your asset anytime within that time frame.

    Harvest jobs management

    Select Harvest Jobs on the left sidebar. On this page, you can view the ID, status, channel, endpoint, start time, end time and created time of your harvest jobs. The status includes running, completed and failed. You can only delete the completed and failed jobs. You can also click Create Harvest Job to create a new job, or click Info to view detailed information.
    For the harvest jobs belong to a channel, you can also manage the jobs in the channel details page ( you can go to the details page by clicking the channel name in the Channel Management page).

    Creating a Harvest Job

    1. Click Create Harvest Job.
    2. Set the basic information
    The basic details of a harvest job define its identifier and the source for the live-to-VOD asset.
    ID: ID is the primary identifier for the harvest job. ID can contain up to 128 characters. Numbers, letters, underscores (_), and dashes (-) are allowed.
    Origin endpoint: Select the endpoint that serves the live stream that you're harvesting the live-to-VOD asset from. And harvest job must fall within this endpoint's startover window.
    3. Set start/end date and time
    The start and end date and time information defines the time range for the harvest job. The maximum duration of the harvest job is 24 hours. The duration between the start time and end time you enter cannot exceed 24 hours.
    Date and time format: Choose Epoch seconds or ISO-8601. Epoch seconds: the date and time is formatted in seconds since the epoch. ISO-8601: the date and time is formatted according to the ISO-8601 standard.
    Start date and time: Enter when the live-to-VOD asset begins. The asset's begin time must be at the same time or after the live event started. The start time must also be within the startover window on the endpoint.
    End date and time: Enter when the live-to-VOD asset ends. The length of the asset can't exceed the startover window on the endpoint. The end time must also be in the past.
    4. Set destination
    The destination information defines how StreamPackage saves the live-to-VOD asset after it has been harvested from the live stream. Currently, we only support using Tencent Cloud COS for file storage.
    Tencent Cloud COS authorization: Enable the authorization to provide StreamPackage access to read and write from your Tencent Cloud COS bucket where the live-to-VOD asset will be stored.
    COS storage path: Select the bucket where you want StreamPackage to store the live-to-VOD asset. You can only select a bucket that is in the same region StreamPackage is harvesting from.
    Manifest key: Enter the path within the bucket to the live-to-VOD asset, including the file name for the parent manifest of the asset. If the directory structure doesn't already exist in the bucket, StreamPackage creates it. The manifest key must be unique. When you use the same manifest key for multiple harvest jobs, the newest playlist for the asset overwrites existing playlists.
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