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Last updated: 2023-11-16 14:56:46

    Flow APIs

    API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
    CreateStreamLinkFlow Creates a StreamLink flow 20
    CreateStreamLinkOutputInfo Creates a StreamLink output 20
    DeleteStreamLinkFlow Deletes a StreamLink flow 20
    DeleteStreamLinkOutput Deletes a StreamLink output 20
    DescribeStreamLinkFlow Queries a StreamLink flow 20
    DescribeStreamLinkFlowLogs Queries the logs of a flow 20
    DescribeStreamLinkFlowMediaStatistics Queries the media quality. 20
    DescribeStreamLinkFlowRealtimeStatus Queries the current status of a flow. 20
    DescribeStreamLinkFlowSRTStatistics Queries SRT streaming performance 20
    DescribeStreamLinkFlowStatistics Queries the media quality of a flow 20
    DescribeStreamLinkFlows Queries StreamLink flows in batches 20
    DescribeStreamLinkRegions Queries StreamLink regions 20
    ModifyStreamLinkFlow Modifies a StreamLink flow 20
    ModifyStreamLinkInput Modifies an input 20
    ModifyStreamLinkOutputInfo Modifies an output 20
    StartStreamLinkFlow Starts a StreamLink flow 20
    StopStreamLinkFlow Stops a StreamLink flow 20
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