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Last updated: 2023-12-23 17:28:48


    Tencent Cloud StreamLink provides professional, stable, and high-quality video transfer services for global users. Leveraging the compute resources in Tencent Cloud's abundant AZs deployed around the globe and proprietary world-leading audiovisual technologies, StreamLink offers stable and secure real-time transfer capabilities and comprehensively monitors the quality of video streams during the transfer process, enabling video content providers to agilely and reliably transfer video streaming media.


    Multi-Protocol Primary/Backup Inputs
    StreamLink can transfer streaming media over multiple protocols such as RTP, SRT, UDP, and RTMP. In addition, it automatically supports redundancy configuration by providing primary and backup input addresses for each flow to ensure the flow stability and reliability.
    Comprehensive Flow Quality Monitoring
    StreamLink offers detailed health reports on the running status of each flow and provides various types of alerts, making it easy for you to monitor the flow quality in real time.
    High Stability and Low Latency
    StreamLink can optimize the transfer path according to the destination address to provide stable live streaming transfer services across continents with a latency as low as less than 1 second.
    One-Flow-Multi-Node Transfer
    StreamLink supports a one-flow-multi-node transfer mechanism, through which multiple output nodes can be added for the same flow to transfer the flow to different regions.
    Protocol Remuxing Support
    StreamLink supports remuxing from and to the RTP, SRT, and RTMP streaming media protocols, which means that one flow can be remuxed into the RTP, SRT, and RTMP streams at the same time.
    High Scalability
    StreamLink can work with other Tencent Cloud services such as StreamLive, StreamPackage, LVB, and CDN to implement fully integrated large-scale broadcast-grade one-stop media services.
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