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Connection and Login

Last updated: 2021-01-15 16:25:43

    How do I access my TencentDB for Tendis instance?

    TencentDB for Tendis can be accessed with private network addresses, the data management console (DMC), and programing languages. For more information, please see Accessing Tendis Instances.

    What should I do if my TencentDB for Tendis instance is unpingable?

    Tendis prohibits ping by default. You can use telnet to check connectivity.

    How do I enable access to TencentDB for Tendis over a public network?

    TencentDB for Tendis does not support public network access for the time being. If you want to access it over a public network, you can do so through the port forwarding with iptables on a CVM instance that enables public network access.


    Port forwarding with iptables is not stable, so we do not recommend this public network access solution in a production environment.

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