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Product Introduction

Last updated: 2022-03-30 09:30:25

    Cloud HDFS (CHDFS) is a high-performance distributed file system provided by Tencent Cloud with the standard HDFS access protocol and hierarchical namespaces.

    CHDFS mainly facilitates the storage and analysis of massive amounts of data in big data scenarios. Big data users can seamlessly migrate their local self-built HDFS file systems to the highly available, scalable, reliable, and secure CHDFS at low costs with no need to modify the existing code.

    After creating a CHDFS instance on the Tencent Cloud platform, you can access it from various Tencent Cloud computing resources such as CVM, CPM 2.0, or TKE through HDFS APIs, which makes it easy to access and share files.


    Ease of use

    CHDFS helps significantly reduce the costs of maintaining a local HDFS system and enables you to migrate your application seamlessly to the cloud simply by modifying the relevant configuration items.
    The CHDFS SDK can be used in all Apache Hadoop 2.x environments and EMR.

    Unlimited capacity

    CHDFS offers an unlimited storage capacity to satisfy your business needs for big data storage and analysis and supports dynamic capacity expansion and reduction.

    Excellent performance

    CHDFS provides hierarchical namespaces that support atomic directory operations to deliver an excellent storage performance during massive big data processing.

    Multidimensional security

    CHDFS provides a multidimensional security mechanism to ensure data security:

    • It supports ACL for authorized address and access type control.
    • It supports VPC for network access isolation.
    • It is connected to CAM for account-based authorization and refined access control.

    Use Cases

    CHDFS is mainly suitable for business scenarios requiring a high data throughput, such as big data analysis and machine learning.

    For big data analysis and machine learning scenarios, CHDFS provides high-throughput data access capabilities, maximizes the flexibility of computing resources through compute-storage separation, and implements permanent data storage, which help reduce your resource costs.

    CHDFS can be adapted to various business scenarios where self-built HDFS systems are used to store data, particularly those involving Hadoop-based offline big data analysis.

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