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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-03-01 00:29:04

    Tencent Cloud TI Platform offers complete framework and built-in algorithm support, which allows it to easily deal with various custom modeling scenarios based on machine learning and deep learning. The following describes some of its use cases.

    Financial Risk Management

    With increasingly diversified criminal methods, financial institutions have been plagued by lagged risk identification and stubbornly high bad debt losses. To address this, TI Platform can build risk monitoring models based on massive amounts of high-quality risk data to increase the timeliness, accuracy, and coverage of risk management. This greatly reduces the risks, losses, and management costs of financial institutions throughout the entire process from pre-loan credit line approval, mid-loan transaction fraud prevention, to post-loan debt collection.

    Marketing Recommendation

    How to accurately reach target customers and increase customer conversion has always been a concern of businesses. TI Platform can train matching models based on historical transaction data to predict the optimal matches between customers and products in different scenarios. This improves marketing effects, reduces marketing costs, attracts potential customers, and achieves cross-selling.

    Industrial Quality Inspection

    Conventional industrial quality inspection is labor-intensive, costly, and prone to omissions. Tencent Cloud TI Platform detects and classifies product defects based on device parameters and production images. This digitizes quality control, saving labor costs and lowering omission rates.

    Algorithm Competition

    An increasing number of AI algorithm competitions have been held along with the boom of the AI industry. One of the challenges faced by organizers has always been how to provide a unified tool to support the work habits of different teams and the concurrency of thousands of participants. The abundant algorithms and framework components built into Tencent Cloud TI Platform meet the needs of different users, and high-performance, stable clusters support large-scale training tasks.

    Smart Property Management

    With the improvement of people's living standards, property owners have higher requirements for property management and are challenged by high labor costs. TI Platform intelligently recognizes entering and leaving vehicles and all garbage dumps based on image recognition algorithms, which empowers smart property management for reduced labor costs and increased owner satisfaction.

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