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Data Center Overview

Last updated: 2022-03-10 16:47:13


Data Center provides the following features:

  • Datasets

    • All datasets under the current root account can be centrally managed and are isolated by region.
    • Supported data types: Text (txt and csv), image (jpg, png, jpeg, and bmp), table (xls, xlsx and csv), and other (any format).
    • You can preview data of the text, image, or table type.
    • You can import image data labeled in the TI platform format or the industry common format PASCAL VOC or COCO. The imported labeling information can be visualized.
  • Data Labeling

    • Provides a built-in scenario Image classification: Identifies the category (such as cat or dog) to which the image belongs.
    • Provides a built-in scenario Object detection: Detects a specified object and returns label information, for example, detects a cat or dog and returns a box around each object.
    • Provides a built-in scenario Object tracking: Tracks an object in multiple consecutive images.
    • Provides a built-in scenario Image segmentation: Segments objects of a specified category.
    • Provides a built-in scenario OCR recognition: Identifies text information.
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