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Last updated: 2023-12-22 11:11:01
    Cloud Automated Testing (CAT) utilizes globally deployed monitoring network nodes to automatically monitor the real user experience. It can regularly monitor the network quality, page performance, API monitoring, file transfer (upload/download), and audio/video experience and supports multidimensional analysis of performance metrics. Based on virtual performance data, it helps you respond to business quality problems promptly and guarantee stable business operations.


    Scenario-oriented monitoring

    CAT supports network quality, webpage performance, API monitoring, file transfer (upload/download), and audio/video experience monitoring scenarios.
    Network quality: Monitors the stability of the application network and route, DNS resolution accuracy, ICMP latency, and packet loss rate.
    Webpage performance: Gets the webpage experience data by ISP, region, browser version, operating system, or device to comprehensively display the page performance.
    File transfer (upload/download): Tests the speed of file upload/download to get the speed of application data transfer, which reflects the actual bandwidth fluctuations.
    API monitoring: Monitors the API response performance and availability over the GET/POST protocol or port, so as to ensure the user experience and business availability.
    Audio/video experience: Monitors video playback on streaming media websites and in applications and gets data such as the lag rate, lag duration, and time to first frame, helping you improve the video watch experience.

    Multidimensional analysis

    CAT allows you to analyze the performance results of test tasks in multiple dimensions such as region and ISP on maps or in varied types of trend charts and look into the details of a test sample.
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