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Use Cases

Last updated: 2024-01-03 14:10:20
    CBM is a public cloud physical machine leasing service that is pay-as-you-go and can be purchased on demand. It is widely applicable to scenarios requiring high performance, strong isolation, and self-built virtualization. The following are common use cases.

    Game applications

    Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are very attractive because of their colorful images, grand scenes, multiple modes, and large-scale cross-server events. Players in the same region can see each other, and all their operations need to be broadcast in the view. When the number of players is large, high requirements are created for the load, stability, and network of the accessed server. You can deploy the combat logic and other modules of your game in CBM instances to accommodate high I/O and PPS based on the characteristics of the physical machine. You can also reshape your cost structure by leveraging the elasticity of CBM instances to lower the TCO.

    Government and enterprise applications

    Government and enterprise applications are highly sensitive to data security and require dedicated, high-performance, and easily scalable services in OLTP and big data processing scenarios, which translate into resource exclusivity, network isolation, and high performance on physical machines. These business requirements can be met by CBM instances with its dedicated and high-performance public cloud physical machine clusters.

    Big data scenarios

    In the internet big data business, typically big data storage and analysis, CBM instances can offer high cost-effectiveness with their local NVMe high-speed storage and COS's storage-computing separation deployment solution.

    Cloud-native bare metal container deployment

    As elastic internet businesses are going cloud-native containerized, CBM instances based on the new-gen bare metal architecture leverage ENIs, CBS, TKE's VPC-CNI mode, and public CLB to gain the performance of physical machines and the native network and storage capabilities in the cloud, so as to reduce the performance loss caused by kube-proxy component forwarding. Over 400 ENIs or cloud disks can be mounted to an instance to implement high-density container management. Compared to virtual machines, bare metal containers feature a higher deployment density, lower resource costs, and more agile deployment, helping you reduce cloud-based costs with cloud native technologies.

    Cloud virtualization software support

    CBM instances are highly compatible, scalable, and accessible in virtualization business scenarios. You can seamlessly connect to CBM through third-party virtualization software such as Xen and KVM in your self-built IDC or through virtualization scheduling platforms such as OpenStack. This can reduce your business transformation and cloud management costs.

    High-performance computing/AI application deployment

    Supercomputing, gene sequencing, AI, and other high-performance computing scenarios are computing-intensive with a large volume of processed data. CBM leverages high-speed and low-latency RDMA network interconnection and the latest CPU architecture and heterogeneous GPU components to calculate the computing-intensive load, supporting servers in pursuit of high computing performance, stability, and real-timeness.
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