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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2024-01-03 14:07:34


    CBM is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. For more information, see Billing Mode. In addition, duration-based discounts are offered, which may differ from those for CVM and are subject to the information on the purchase page.

    Instance price

    CBM instances have three billable items: network, storage (system disk and data disk), and computing (CPU, memory, and GPU). You can directly use the CVM price calculator to check out the combined price of all the products you need and estimate the resource costs. You can add the needed products to the cost estimate list and make the purchases swiftly.


    An instance will be shut down on the expiration day and automatically put and retained in the recycle bin for seven calendar days, during which you can renew it; otherwise, it will be terminated.
    You can set auto-renewal during purchase.
    We recommend you renew your instance before expiration to avoid service interruption due to instance shutdown. For detailed directions, see Renewing Instances.


    CBM instances are repossessed in the same manner as CVM instances. For more information, see CVM Instance Repossession.

    Overdue payment

    The overdue payment policy for CVM instances also applies to CBM instances. For more information, see CVM Payment Overdue. If you are a customer of a Tencent Cloud partner, the rules regarding resources when there are overdue payments are subject to the agreement between you and the partner.


    The refund rules for CVM instances also apply to CBM instances.


    The prices shown above are standard published prices. The actual prices are as indicated on the purchase page, as the prices may change due to price reductions or other factors.
    Certain new-gen pay-as-you-go CBM instances based on the elastic bare metal architecture will not be billed after shutdown. For more information, see No Charges When Shut Down for Pay-as-You Go Instances.
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