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Operation Guide Overview

Last updated: 2024-01-08 09:32:02
    This document provides an overview of CVM instances and their use cases. It also describes how to operate CVM instances.

    Purchasing and Using a CVM

    If this is the first time you are purchasing and using a CVM instance, we recommend following the instructions below to get started.
    1. To learn about CVM instance, see CVM Overview.
    2. Select and purchase an appropriate CVM model. See Customizing Linux CVM Configurations.
    3. Log in to the CVM instance you purchased: Depending on the instance type purchased, you may choose to either log in to the Windows instance or Linux instance.

    Adjusting CVM Configurations

    You may need to adjust the disk type, network or other configurations of the CVM instance due to changing demands. See the following documents to make corresponding changes.

    Resetting Password and Key

    If you forgot your password or lost your key, refer to the following documents to reset the password or key:

    Renewing Instances and the Billing

    Creating, Importing or Deleting a Custom Image

    An Image provides the information required for launching an CVM instances. Tencent Cloud provides three types of images: public image, custom image and shared image. We currently support the following image-related operations.


    When you are unable to log in to the CVM instance, or if you are experiencing slow response or other issues, refer to the following for troubleshooting:
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