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Last updated: 2021-04-21 16:40:52

    API Description

    This API is used to query the list of CVMs bound to the CLB instance by instance ID.

    Domain name for API calls: lb.api.qcloud.com

    Request Parameters

    The list below contains only the API request parameters. Common parameters should be added when you call the API. For more information, see Common Request Parameters. The Action field for this API is DescribeLoadBalancerBackends.

    Parameter Required Type Description
    loadBalancerId Yes String CLB instance ID, which can be queried via the DescribeLoadBalancers API.

    Response Parameters

    Parameter Type Description
    code Int Common error code. 0: success; other values: failure. For more information, see Common Error Codes. |
    message String API-related module error message description. |
    codeDesc String Error code. For a successful operation, "Success" is returned. For a failed operation, a message describing the failure is returned.
    totalCount Int Total number of CVMs bound to this CLB instance.
    backendSet Array Array of real servers returned.

    Structure of the backendSet array:

    Parameter Type Description
    instanceId String CVM instance ID.
    unInstanceId String CVM instance ID. This parameter supports all operations of `instanceId`. We recommend using it.
    weight Int Weight of the CVM instance.
    instanceName String Name of the CVM instance.
    lanIp String Private IP of the CVM instance.
    wanIpSet Array Public IP of the CVM instance.
    instanceStatus Int td> Status of the CVM instance.
    1: failed; 2: running; 3: creating; 4: shut down; 5: returned; 6: returning; 7: restarting; 8: starting; 9: shutting down; 10: resetting password; 11: formatting; 12: creating image; 13: setting bandwidth; 14: reinstalling system; 19: upgrading; 21: hot migrating



    &<Common request parameters>


        "code": 0,
        "message": "",
        "codeDesc": "Success",
        "totalCount": 1,
        "backendSet": [
                "instanceId": "qcvmed9e93b0bb2784b043c983761e624639",
                "unInstanceId": "ins-9o9ex9s0",
                "instanceName": "test_k8s_1",
                "lanIp": "",
                "wanIpSet": [
                "instanceStatus": 4,
                "weight": 44
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