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Last updated: 2022-05-19 15:57:35

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLoadBalancers Queries the list of CLB instances
CloneLoadBalancer Clones a CLB instance
CreateLoadBalancer Purchases a CLB instance
ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes Modifies the attributes of a CLB instance
DescribeLoadBalancersDetail Queries CLB instance details
DeleteLoadBalancer Deletes one or more CLB instances

Listener APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeListeners Queries the list of CLB listeners
CreateListener Creates a CLB listener
CreateRule Creates a forwarding rule for a layer-7 CLB listener
ModifyListener Modifies the attributes of a CLB listener
ModifyDomain Modifies a domain name of a layer-7 forwarding rule
ModifyRule Modifies a forwarding rule of a CLB listener
ModifyDomainAttributes Modifies the domain name-level attributes of a layer-7 listener's forwarding rule
DeleteListener Deletes a CLB listener
DeleteLoadBalancerListeners Deletes multiple CLB listeners
DeleteRule Deletes a rule from a layer-7 CLB listener

Real Server APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeTargets Queries the list of CVM instances bound to a CLB instance
RegisterTargets Binds real servers to a listener
BatchRegisterTargets Binds CVM instances or ENIs in batches
ModifyTargetPort Modifies the port of a real server bound to a listener
ModifyTargetWeight Modifies the forwarding weight of a real server bound to a listener
BatchModifyTargetWeight Batch modifies the forwarding weights of real servers bound to a listener
DeregisterTargets Unbinds real servers from a CLB listener
BatchDeregisterTargets Unbinds layer-4/layer-7 real servers in batches
DescribeTargetHealth Queries the health check status of a real server of a CLB instance
DescribeCrossTargets Queries information of CVMs and ENIs that use cross-region binding 2.0

Target Group APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeTargetGroups Queries target group information
DescribeTargetGroupList Gets a target group list
DescribeTargetGroupInstances Gets servers bound to a target group
CreateTargetGroup Creates a target group
ModifyTargetGroupAttribute Modifies target group attribute
ModifyTargetGroupInstancesWeight Modifies server weights of a target group in batches
ModifyTargetGroupInstancesPort Modifies server ports of a target group in batches
DeleteTargetGroups Deletes target groups
RegisterTargetGroupInstances Registers servers to a target group
AssociateTargetGroups Binds target groups to rules
DeregisterTargetGroupInstances Unbinds a server from a target group
DisassociateTargetGroups Unbinds target groups from a rule

Redirection APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeRewrite Queries the redirection relationship between CLB forwarding rules
ManualRewrite Creates a redirection relationship between CLB forwarding rules manually
AutoRewrite Automatically generates a redirection relationship between CLB forwarding rules
DeleteRewrite Deletes the redirection relationship between CLB forwarding rules

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLoadBalancerTraffic Queries CLB instances with high traffic under the current account
DescribeTaskStatus Queries the status of an async task
DescribeClsLogSet Gets the CLB exclusive logset
CreateClsLogSet Creates a CLB exclusive logset
CreateTopic Creates a topic
CreateLoadBalancerSnatIps Adds SNAT IP
DeleteLoadBalancerSnatIps Deletes SNAT IP
DescribeBlockIPTask Queries the execution status of an async IP blocking (blocklisting) task
DescribeLoadBalancerListByCertId Queries a CLB instance by the certificate ID
DescribeQuota Queries quotas
ReplaceCertForLoadBalancers Replaces a certificate associated with a CLB instance
SetLoadBalancerClsLog Sets the CLS topic of a CLB instance
SetLoadBalancerSecurityGroups Configures security groups for a CLB instance
SetSecurityGroupForLoadbalancers Binds or unbinds a security group for multiple CLB instances

Classic CLB APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeClassicalLBListeners Gets the list of classic CLB listeners
DescribeClassicalLBTargets Gets the list of real servers bound to a classic CLB
DescribeClassicalLBHealthStatus Gets the real server health status of a classic CLB
RegisterTargetsWithClassicalLB Binds real servers to a classic CLB
DeregisterTargetsFromClassicalLB Unbinds real servers from a classic CLB
DescribeClassicalLBByInstanceId Queries the classic CLB bound to a real server
MigrateClassicalLoadBalancers Upgrades Classic CLB instances to application CLB instances

Cloud Load Balancer APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeBlockIPList Queries the list of blocked IPs (blocklist) of a CLB instance
DescribeCustomizedConfigAssociateList Queries the bound server or configured location
DescribeCustomizedConfigList Querying configuration details
DescribeLBListeners Queries CLB instances bound to the CVM or ENI
DescribeLoadBalancerOverview Queries the CLB instance status statistics
ModifyBlockIPList Modifies the client IP blocklist of a CLB instance
ModifyLoadBalancerSla Upgrades to LCU-supported CLB instances
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