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Billing Issues

Last updated: 2023-04-18 14:42:17

    How is Direct Connect billed?

    Direct Connect fees include Tencent Cloud billable items and non-Tencent Cloud billable items, which can be divided into the following three parts.
    For more information on billing, please see Billing and Pricing.

    • Non-Tencent Cloud billable items:
      • Leased-line fee: you should purchase a leased-line from a leased-line service provider. If you have any questions, please submit a ticket for assistance.
      • Fiber-to-the-building fee: most Tencent Cloud Direct Connect access points are deployed in data centers of neutral IDC ISPs. You should negotiate such fee with your IDC ISP.

        Generally, partners of Tencent Cloud Direct Connect have been connected to Tencent Cloud through network-to-network interface (NNI). If you decide to purchase a connection from a Tencent Cloud partner, no relevant construction will be required in Tencent Cloud, and you can deploy a hybrid cloud more quickly. For more information on Tencent Cloud Direct Connect partners, please go to the Cloud Market.

    • Tencent Cloud billable items:
    • Connection:
      Resource occupation fee for the dedicated access port is billed at monthly pay-as-you-go. The billing started in July 2019. The fee incurred in the current month will be deducted from your account in the following month.
    • Dedicated tunnel:
      • If the Direct Connect access point and Direct Connect gateway are deployed in the same region, dedicated tunnels will be free of charge before May 1, 2020. After then, a free tier of 10 Gbps will be provided, and if you require higher bandwidth, please contact your Tencent Cloud rep.

        If you use CCN to migrate your business to cloud services, as the dedicated tunnel and Direct Connect access point are deployed in the same region, cross-region access fee will be charged in CCN bills.

      • If the Direct Connect access point and Direct Connect gateway are deployed in different regions, cross-region communication fee will be charged for dedicated tunnels.

    Do I need to pay immediately after submitting an application for a connection?

    No. You can pay after a Direct Connect delivery engineer confirms your purchase with you.

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