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Last updated: 2021-11-10 10:04:07

    What are the differences between a CVM assigned to a CDH and a CVM instance?

    A Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) deployed on a CDH runs in a single-tenant environment, whereas a CVM instance is a physical server resource shared by multiple tenants. The CVM on a CDH supports custom specifications, whereas a CVM instance does not. Beyond that, they provide the same features.

    How is a created CVM instance assigned to multiple selected CDHs?

    If you select multiple CDHs when creating a CVM instance, it will be created on any one of these hosts.

    Why does a CVM instance occupy 2 GB more disk space than its specification?

    You can customize the sizes of the system disk and data disk when creating a CVM instance. In addition to the planned disk storage, another 2 GB capacity is used to store additional configuration information.

    Does CVM on a CDH support migration?

    Yes. Instances can be migrated among different dedicated hosts. For detailed directions, see Migrating Instances Among CDHs.

    Does CVM on a CDH support configuration adjustment?

    Yes. To configure the CVM on a CDH, log in to the CVM console, locate the target CVM instance in the instance list, and click More > Resource Adjustment > Adjust Configuration in the Operation column. For more information, see CVM Configuration Adjustment.
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