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Last updated: 2019-11-07 10:02:15
    A dedicated host is a dedicated physical server equipped with a virtualized environment, and has the following strengths:

    Dedicated Resources

    After purchasing a dedicated host, you have exclusive access to the host resources, which are physically isolated from the resources of other users. You can plan the host resources as needed, without having to compete for resources with other tenants.

    Flexible Creation of CVMs

    On a specified dedicated host, you can plan the host resources as needed and create Cloud Virtual Machines (CVM) instances with custom specifications and flexible configurations. This ensures service performance and fully leverages physical server resources. A dedicated CVM instance configuration adjustment feature is provided, allowing you to adjust network configuration while the CVM instance is running and to adjust CVM configuration while the CVM instance is shut down.

    Security and Compliance

    Resources are physically isolated between hosts. CPUs, memory, disks, and network resources are all dedicated to a single tenant. Resource isolation at the physical machine level provides sensitive service data protection and disk erasure features to meet the strict compliance requirements in the financial industry.

    Management and Monitoring

    Tencent Cloud supports multi-dimensional monitoring and management for hosts and dedicated CVMs, as well as the free Cloud Monitor service and multiple real-time alert features.


    You can purchase resources as needed and make minute-level delivery. Tencent Cloud's standardized OPS and management services ensure the stable operation of your resources. You do not need to worry about underlying details, saving manpower and OPS costs while focusing on your core businesses.

    CVM Feature Provision

    A CVM created on a dedicated CVM instance or host provides features such as images, security groups, configuration adjustment, and Secure Shell (SSH) keys, which are used similarly to those of a common CVM.
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