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Add-on Overview

Last updated: 2022-04-21 09:28:23

    Add-ons are extended feature packages provided by Tencent Cloud TKE. You can deploy add-ons based on your business requirements. Add-ons can help you manage Kubernetes components in clusters, including component deployment, upgrades, configuration updates, and removal.

    Add-on Types

    There are two types of add-ons: basic add-ons and advanced add-ons.

    Basic add-ons

    Basic add-ons are software packages that TKE features depend on. For example, the CLB add-ons Service-controller and CLB-ingress-controller, and the TKE network add-on tke-cni-agent.


    • The upgrade and configuration management of basic add-ons are fully managed by TKE. We recommend that you do not modify basic add-ons.
    • When basic add-ons are updated, you will be notified by email and SMS.

    Advanced add-ons

    Advanced add-ons are optional add-ons provided by TKE. You can deploy such add-ons to use the advanced features supported by TKE. The following table describes the advanced add-ons:

    Add-on Application Scenario Add-on Description
    (Out of Memory (OOM) guard)
    Monitoring This add-on reduces the chance of various kernel failures triggered by cgroup memory reclamation failures in the user mode.
    (node exception detection plus)
    Monitoring This add-on can detect various exceptions on nodes in real time and report the detection results to kube-apiserver.
    (local DNS cache add-on)
    DNS This add-on runs on cluster nodes as a DaemonSet and as a DNS cache proxy to enhance the DNS performance of clusters.
    (DNS horizontal autoscaling add-on)
    DNS This add-on obtains the number of nodes and cores of a cluster through a deployment and then automatically scales the number of DNS replicas according to preset scaling policies.
    (Tencent Cloud Object Storage)
    Storage This add-on implements the CSI API to help TKE clusters use Tencent COS.
    (Tencent Cloud File Storage)
    Storage This add-on implements the CSI API to help TKE clusters use Tencent CFS.
    (Tencent Cloud Cloud Block Storage)
    Storage This add-on implements the CSI API to allow you to select the storage class and create the corresponding PVs and PVCs of the CBS type in a TKE cluster on the console.
    (TCR add-on)
    Images This add-on automatically configures the private network resolution of domain names and cluster-specific access credentials of the specified TCR instance. It can be used for private-network and secret-free pulling of container images.
    (accelerated distribution of container images)
    Images Based on the P2P technology, this add-on can be used to accelerate the pulling of GB-level container images by massive TKE clusters and support concurrent pulling by thousands of nodes.
    Dynamic Scheduler
    (dynamic scheduling add-on)
    Scheduling Dynamic Scheduler is an add-on provided by TKE for pre-selection and preferential selection based on actual node loads. It is implemented based on the native Kube-scheduler Extender mechanism of Kubernetes. After being installed in a TKE cluster, this add-on will effectively prevent node load imbalances caused by the native scheduler through the request and limit scheduling mechanisms.
    (rescheduling add-on)
    Scheduling After being installed in a TKE cluster, this add-on will work with Kube-scheduler to monitor the high-load nodes in the cluster in real time and drain low-priority Pods. We recommend that you use it together with the TKE Dynamic Scheduler add-on to ensure cluster load balancing in multiple dimensions.
    NetworkPolicy Controller
    (network policy controller add-on)
    Others Network Policy is a resource provided by Kubernetes. This add-on provides a controller for implementing resources of this type.
    (community Ingress add-on)
    Others Nginx can be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and for HTTP caching. Nginx-ingress is an Ingress controller for Kubernetes that uses NGINX as a reverse proxy and load balancer.
    (Operator Lifecycle Management)
    Others OLM (Operator Lifecycle Manager) is part of the Operator Framework, which helps users install, update, and manage the lifecycle of Operators.
    (modifying the number of replicas periodically)
    Others HorizontalPodCronscaler (HPC) is an add-on to modify the number of replicas of K8s workload periodically. Used in conjunction with HPC CRD resources, it can support scheduled actions in seconds.
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