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Last updated: 2021-08-24 14:49:28

    What Is Tencent Cloud Tag?

    Tencent Cloud Tag is a cloud resource management tool that allows you to use different standards to categorize, search for, and aggregate cloud resources having the same attributes.

    A tag consists of a tag key and tag value. You can create a tag and bind it to your cloud resources. A tag key can have multiple tag values, and a key-value pair can be bound to multiple resources.


    Tag is Tencent Cloud’s main tool for cloud resource management. Its strengths include:

    • Tencent Cloud offers a unified and straightforward console through which you can query and manage all tagged cloud resources.
    • You can tag resources and delete, modify and query tags via the Tag console, the consoles of other Tencent Cloud services, or tag APIs.
    • You can categorize your resources by different standards using tags. You can also grant access to resources and distribute cost by tag.

    How to Use Tags?

    Tencent Cloud offers the following methods for you to configure and manage tags:

    • Console: You can configure and manage tags and resources in the Tag console.
    • API: You can also use APIs to configure and manage tags and resources. For details, please see API Category.


    Before you get started with Tencent Cloud Tag, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the following concepts.

    Concept Description
    Tag A tag is a key-value pair, which consists of a tag key and tag value.
    Tencent Cloud service Tagging-enabled Tencent Cloud services, including CVM, COS, CLB, etc.
    Resource type Tagging-enabled Tencent Cloud resources. For example, under CVM, there are three types of resources: CVM instances, cloud disks, and SSH keys.
    Region The region where a physical data center is located. Different regions use networks independent of each other.
    Total tag count The total number of tags bound to a resource, i.e., the number of times a resource is tagged
    Resource count The total number of resources a tag is bound to
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