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Last updated: 2019-11-12 11:32:56

    What is a tag?

    A tag is a key-value pair provided by Tencent Cloud. It is used to identify resources on the cloud. You can use tags to classify CVM resources based on various factors such as service, usage, and person in charge. With tags, you can quickly find the corresponding resources you need.

    How do you filter resources using tag keys?

    1. Log in to the Tag Console.
    2. Click Tag List on the left sidebar to go to the tag list page.
    3. Click Tag key at the top of the list and check the required tag. Click OK to filter.

    How do you use tags to grant authorization for resources?

    Refer to Authorization by Tag.

    How do you add multiple tags to specific resources?

    Refer to Editing Tags of Specific Resources, and just add multiple tag keys/values in step 4.

    What is the difference between a tag and a project?

    One resource can have multiple tags but can only belong to one project.

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