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Querying Resource Tags

Last updated: 2021-08-24 14:49:29


    After binding tags to Tencent Cloud resources, you can use tags to quickly query resources.


    You have created a tag and bound it to a resource. For detailed instructions, please see Creating Tags and Tagging Resources.


    1. Log in to the Tag console.
    2. Click Resource Tag on the left sidebar.
    3. Set the filter criteria as follows.
      • Region (required): You can select all or multiple regions.
      • Resource type (required): You can select all or multiple resource types from the drop-down list, which includes Tencent Cloud services and resources that support tagging. For details, please see Tagging-enabled Services.
      • Tag: Select one or multiple tag keys and values. If multiple key-value pairs are selected, the results will be a union of the resources each selected tag is bound to.
      • Project: Click More to show the project filter criterion and select a project. This criterion is available for only services that support project management.
    4. Click Query resource, and the resources will be listed as below.
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