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Listing Object Keys

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    An object key is the unique identifier of an object in a bucket. You can think of it as the object’s path. For example, if an object key is doc/picture.jpg, the image picture.jpg is stored in the doc path/folder in COS.

    You can use the object key to search for a specific object. You can also use a prefix of the object key (e.g. doc) to search for all objects with this prefix (e.g. all objects prefixed with doc).


    Tencent Cloud COS supports listing keys by a prefix. You can use / in a key to implement a hierarchical structure similar to the traditional file system. In COS, you can use a delimiter to select and browse keys hierarchically.

    You can list all keys in a single bucket in UTF-8 binary order of prefixes or filter the key list by specifying the prefix. For example, adding the parameter t will list the tencent object, but skip objects prefixed with a or other characters.

    / can be used as a delimiter in object keys. In this way, both the prefix and delimiter can be used to facilitate the search.

    COS allows you to store an unlimited number of objects in a single bucket. As a result, the key list may be very large. For the convenience of management, a maximum of 1,000 key values can be returned in each List Objects request, and a marker will be returned to indicate whether the list is truncated. If so, not all objects are listed in this request. In this case, you can initiate the List Objects request multiple times based on markers and delimiter to list all/some object keys as needed.


    Using COS console

    Search for objects in the COS console. For more information, see Searching for Objects in Console Guide.

    Using REST APIs

    Use REST APIs to initiate a request to list object keys. For more information, see GET Bucket (List Objects).

    Using SDKs

    Directly call the object list querying method in the SDK. For more information, see the SDK documentation for the corresponding programming language below:

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