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COSBrowser Overview

Last updated: 2022-04-28 22:08:53

    COSBrowser is a visual interface tool launched by Tencent Cloud to make it easier and simpler for you to view, transfer, manage, and interact with COS resources. Currently, COSBrowser is available for desktop and mobile devices. For more information, see:

    Download Address

    COSBrowser OS System Requirements Download Address
    Desktop Windows Windows 7 32/64-bit or later, Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit or later Windows
    macOS macOS 10.13 or later macOS
    Linux Includes a GUI that supports the AppImage format
    Note: To launch a client that runs CentOS, you need to run ./cosbrowser.AppImage --no-sandbox in the terminal.
    Mobile Android Android 4.4 or later Android
    Web Web Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10+ Web
    Uploader Plugin Web Chrome browsers Web Store/Offline Download

    COSBrowser Desktop Version

    COSBrowser Desktop Version focuses on resource management and uploading and downloading data in batches.


    COSBrowser Desktop Version uses the system-configured proxy to connect to the internet. Make sure that your proxy is set up properly, or you can disable the proxy configuration if it fails to connect to the internet.

    • For queries on Windows, go to Internet Options.
    • For queries on macOS, go to Network Preferences.
    • For queries on Linux, go to System Settings > Network > Network Proxy.

    COSBrowser Desktop Version has the following features:

    Feature Description
    Creating/Deleting a bucket Creates or deletes a bucket
    Viewing bucket details Views the basic information of your bucket
    Viewing statistics Views the current storage capacity and number of objects in your bucket
    Permission management Modifies the permissions on your buckets and objects
    Setting versioning Enables/Suspends bucket versioning
    Adding an access path Adds an access path
    Uploading a file/folder Uploads files/folders to a bucket separately, in batches, or incrementally
    Downloading a file/folder Downloads files/folders to the local file system separately, in batches, or incrementally
    Deleting a file/folder Deletes files/folders from a bucket separately or in batches
    Synchronizing files Synchronizes local files to your bucket in real time
    Copying and pasting files Copies files/folders separately or in batches from one directory to another
    Renaming files Renames files in a bucket
    Creating a folder Creates a folder in a bucket
    Viewing file details Views the basic information of the files in a bucket
    Generating a file link Generates a file access link with a certain validity period by requesting a temporary signature
    Sharing a file/folder Shares a file/folder and sets a validity period for the sharing
    Exporting file URLs Exports file URLs in batches
    Previewing a file Previews media files (images, video, and audio) in your bucket
    Searching a file Searches files in a bucket through prefix search
    Searching buckets Searches existing buckets
    Viewing file versions/incomplete multipart uploads
  • Views multiple versions of a file in a versioning-enabled bucket
  • Views the incomplete multipart uploads in your bucket
  • Comparing files Compares files in a local folder to those in a bucket
    Transcoding a video Transcodes videos with the media processing feature enabled in a bucket
    Generating an authorization code Generates an authorization code for logging in to the COSBrowser client
    Processing an image Scales, crops, or rotates an image, or adds text or image watermarks, and generates a URL of the output image
    Setting up a proxy Sets up a proxy to access COS
    Setting the number of concurrent uploads/downloads Sets the number of concurrent transfers for file upload or download
    Setting the number of parts to upload/download Sets the number of parts for multipart upload or download
    Setting the number of retries upon upload/download failure Sets the number of retries upon upload or download failure
    Limiting single-thread upload/download speed Limits the upload and download speeds for a single thread
    Setting upload check Double-checks files uploaded to a bucket
    Viewing a local log Saves the record of operations on COSBrowser in the form of a local log

    COSBrowser Mobile Version

    COSBrowser Mobile Version is mainly used to monitor COS resources (such as storage usage and traffic) at any time you want. For more supported features, see basic features in User Guide for Mobile Version.


    Feedback and Suggestions

    If you have any questions or suggestions during your use of COSBrowser, please feel free to give us your feedback:

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