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    What is COSBrowser?

    COSBrowser is a visual interface tool launched by Tencent Cloud COS to make it easier and simpler for you to view, transfer, manage, and interact with COS resources. Currently, it is available for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile clients (Android, iOS). For more information, see COSBrowser Overview.

    How do I download COSBrowser?

    For the download URL and instructions, see COSBrowser Overview.

    How do I log in to COSBrowser?

    For detailed directions, see User Guide for Desktop Version or Mobile Version Features.

    Desktop Version login

    COSBrowser Desktop Version can be logged in only with a TencentCloud API key.

    Parameter description:

    1. TencentCloud API secretID and secretKey : You can get them on the API Key page in the CAM console. After you log in successfully, the key will be saved in Historical Key for future use.

    2. Bucket/Access Path: You can leave it empty when logging in with the root account. If you use a sub-account for login, you need to enter an authorized path such as example-1250000000/test/.


      You cannot log in to COSBrowser with a project key.

    Mobile Version login
    COSBrowser Mobile Version supports the following three login options:

    • Login with WeChat: If your Tencent Cloud account was created through WeChat or associated with a specific WeChat account, you can use the WeChat account to quickly log in to COSBrowser.
    • Login with email: If your Tencent Cloud account was created through email or associated with a specific email address, you can log in to COSBrowser by entering the email address and password.
    • Login with permanent key: You can log in using your TencentCloud API key (SecretId and SecretKey; project key is not supported), which can be obtained on the API Key page in the CAM console. After successful login, the account will be kept logged in permanently.

    • If your Tencent Cloud account was created with a QQ account, you can also use the login with WeChat method to log in just by selecting login with QQ on the redirected WeChat Mini Program screen.
    • If you use a sub-account, you can log in with key or WeChat. For login with WeChat, just select the sub-account on the redirected WeChat Mini Program screen.

    For more information, see COSBrowser Overview.

    Why can't I find the storage path when I log in to COSBrowser with a sub-account?

    1. Make sure that the sub-account has permission to access COS. For more information, see Granting Sub-accounts Access to COS.
    2. If the sub-account only has permission to access a specified bucket or a specified directory under a bucket, you need log in to COSBrowser and manually add a storage path in "Bucket" or "Bucket/Object-prefix" format (for example, examplebucket-1250000000), and select the region where the bucket should reside.

    Can I log in to COSBrowser with a temporary key?

    Login with a temporary key is not supported.

    How do I enter the trial version of COSBrowser?

    Notes for trial

    Application trial rules:

    • After entering the trial version of the application, COSBrowser will automatically generate a temporary account and log in. The temporary account is for one-time use. After exit, it will be automatically logged out of, with all data erased.
    • The temporary account is valid for 24 hours. If you want to continue the trial after expiration, click again on this page.

    Application trial restrictions:

    The trial version only provides basic data management capabilities, such as uploading files, downloading files, and sharing links. To try out more features, log in with your personal account. For more information, see Getting Started with COSBrowser.

    What should I do if I can't launch the COSBrowser client by double-clicking on the CentOS GUI?

    You can run the ./cosbrowser.AppImage --no-sandbox command in the terminal to launch COSBrowser.

    What are the system requirements for COSBrowser installation?

    Currently, COSBrowser are available on Desktop Version and Mobile Version.

    Desktop Version

    • Requirements for Windows: Windows 7 32/64-bit or later or Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit or later
    • Requirements for macOS: macOS 10.13 or later
    • Requirements for Linux: GUI- and AppImage-enabled distributions

    Mobile Version

    • Requirements for Android: Android 4.4 or later
    • Requirements for iOS: iOS 11 or later

    For the download address, see Download URL.

    What is the file sync feature of COSBrowser?

    You can use the file sync feature of COSBrowser Desktop Version to upload specified files in your local folders to a bucket in real time. For detailed directions, see the description of the file sync feature in User Guide for Desktop Version.

    Can I see all file thumbnails at a time in the file list in COSBrowser?

    COSBrowser currently can't directly display the thumbnails of all files.

    Why are only three buckets displayed in the list on COSBrowser Mobile Version?

    The overview page of COSBrowser Mobile Version displays three buckets by default. You can scroll down to view more buckets.

    Can I use COSBrowser to directly upload objects to the STANDARD_IA storage class?

    COSBrowser uploads objects to the STANDARD storage class by default. You can select the storage class and access permission when uploading objects.

    How do I transfer a large number of files at a greater speed?

    Take COSBrowser for Windows as an example. You can navigate to Advanced Settings, and configure a greater number of concurrent files and parts under Upload and Download.

    You can copy a file link as follows:

    1. Select the target file in the file list and right-click Copy Link to open the Copy Custom Link window.
    2. In the file list, click Details to open the Details window, directly copy the object address or create a temporary link.

    • If public read is enabled for the file, you can use an unsigned link, i.e., object address (valid permanently) to access it.
    • If private read is enabled for the file, you must use a signed link to access it. You can customize the link validity period in the Copy Link window, which is 2 hours by default.

    What should I do if the error "Update failed due to permission denied" is reported when I run COSBrowser on macOS?

    The above issue may occur when the two files com.tencent.cosbrowser and com.tencent.cosbrowser.ShipIt under the /Users/username/Library/Caches/ directory belong to a root account and a user account, respectively. The resulting permission issue can cause update failures.

    Run the following command in Terminal on your Mac:

    sudo chown $USER ~/Library/Caches/com.tencent.cosbrowser.ShipIt/

    What should I do if the error "no such file or directory, stat 'C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Temp\cosbrowser\logs\cosbrowser.log'" is reported and COSBrowser cannot be used?

    Solution: We recommend you download v2.1.x or later.

    What should I do if cosbrowser.exe installation is interrupted?

    This problem occurs if COSBrowser has been installed before, but its traces have not been removed from your system after manual deletion. Therefore, when you reinstall it, the installer aborts the installation as it identifies existing traces but no actual application.

    Manually remove the traces left after the previous installation of COSBrowser, or use a cleaner tool (such as the Software Management tool provided by Tencent PC Manager).

    What should I do if a DNS error is reported when I go to the file list in COSBrowser?

    The DNS error indicates that the COS domain name failed to be resolved in your local network. We recommend you change your local DNS server address to a public one such as and try again or change the network environment for testing.

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