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Customer Introduction

Price.com.hk provides price comparison services for consumers and help merchants increase exposure, improve turnover, and build up goodwill and reputation. Their key target users are SMEs based in Hong Kong, China. Through their excellent services, Price.com.hk aims to help them address online and offline operational issues, such as promotion and aftersales service, to increase the turnover while reducing the operating costs.

With comprehensive support and resources, local SMEs can choose Price.com.hk diversified services based on the characteristics of their products, such as quotation service and online shop setup, thus reducing the time and learning costs of online marketing.

Challenges & Goals

As their business grew, the storage space of Price.com.hk's servers could no longer meet the needs. Purchasing new hardware would be time-consuming, with significant labor costs incurred to maintain those devices. Besides, responsible personnel would have to spend a lot time learning how to use such new devices. This is why Price.com.hk opted for cloud services to solve the problem of insufficient storage.

Tencent Cloud Solutions

Price.com.hk is using a variety of Tencent Cloud services, including CVM, TKE, TencentDB, cloud storage, and search engine.

With the help of Tencent Cloud, Price.com.hk is now able to launch a new service in just a few days as compared to about one month in the past. The time needed for resource acquisition is shortened from weeks to minutes, and the technical services we use become more diversified, increasing from three types to more than a dozen.

Without Tencent Cloud, Price.com.hk wouldn't make it in such a short time but had to spend much more manpower and time if they did it themselves.

Highlighted Benefits

Price.com.hk chooses Tencent Cloud because it is more cost-effective than their previous storage solutions. Their self-operated businesses can be migrated to Tencent Cloud with ease, saving a lot of time in maintaining the infrastructure.

In addition, Price.com.hk can get new cloud resources in Tencent Cloud conveniently and promptly, without concerns over slowing the business down. The company plans to mitigate more businesses to Tencent Cloud and try out other innovative services on offer to strengthen search engine services, such as the AI recommendation engine. Thanks to Tencent Cloud, Price.com.hk is better equipped to recommend products suited to customers based on their preferences, browsing and purchase history, and the like. This enables Price.com.hk to deliver a more considerate service experience.

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