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Customer Introduction

Kotic Bilişim Inc. is developing end-user-oriented projects for live broadcasting in order to catch up with the digital new era.

With the digital world becoming more and more common in our lives, it has become important to adapt to technological developments at the same pace. Our company, which bases its vision and mission on solution-oriented, sharing and empathy, produces solutions to successfully adapt services to the digital universe. Acting with this motivation, Kotic Bilişim works towards becoming a leading company that shapes the future of the sector at national and international levels. As a fully Turkish-owned company, we are getting closer and closer to our goal of being Turkey's window to the world in this field by bringing a new perspective to streaming services.

In line with these, Kotic Bilişim's most important project LopMe has been made available to end users. Developed by Kotic Bilişim Team, LopMe is Turkey's first local live broadcast and short video sharing application. Prepared using live streaming technology, this application allows the community to have more fun and socialize.

Working with the awareness of being an innovative company that codes the future by rapidly adapting to the progress in the streaming universe, Kotic Bilişim takes firm steps forward with innovative approaches and rational business models, and produces rational solutions to maintain this momentum it has achieved.

Challenges & Goals

The main challenge throughout the project was to help Kotic to implementing a full live streaming platform for entertainment, as they were building a local development team in Turkey.

Having tried various proprietary and public streaming solutions, Kotic has thoroughly assessed and tested Tencent Cloud services and with the help of product team feature acceleration, and found a suitable solution that matched their requirements based on MLVB, CSS and TRTC.

With the support from the different Product Teams involved in the project, Tencent Cloud can provide all necessary technical services on the international console before the release of the application in production to target Turkish market as a first step.

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud from the beginning of the project has been identified as a strong player in the media industry, with numerous successful use cases. Kotic was aware of the broad portfolio of such services as well as the global and reliable coverage in the world, and open SDKs to provide a fully IaaS/PaaS mobile app.

Highlighted Benefits

Thanks to the live broadcasting, cloud and short video solutions provided by Tencent Cloud, Kotic quickly integrated the chat features of the high-quality live broadcast application and developed the live e-commerce model beside private messaging, group chat and multi-call features. Including live broadcast quality, resolution, fluidity and beauty filters by means of Tencent Cloud, LopMe Live enabled their users to stream and watch broadcasts worldwide with high image quality processing and hassle-free live streaming.

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