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Customer Introduction

Since its establishment in February 2012 by industry elites from top companies such as Baidu and Rekoo, Pitaya Games won a huge portion of the player market over with its strategic planning, sophisticated technologies, and exceptional overall strengths. It not only satisfies the various needs of Japanese players, but also globally promotes the “Cool Japan” cultural elements that are also found in Japanese movies, comics, and animations. Their games feature themes such as otome, match-3, cards, and SLG. Pitaya closely collaborates with leading Japanese game developers in all aspects of their games including IP, R&D, operations, and distribution.

The Challenge

With an accelerating business growth, Pitaya Games saw an urgent need to upgrade their cloud services. However, as they have using other cloud providers for a long time, the learning cost for migration was extremely high. In addition, they do not know Tencent Cloud well enough to align their needs to the services offered. These factors made it hard for the company to select the most appropriate cloud services for the migration of fundamental cloud capabilities in a short period of time.

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud's professional global service helps customer quickly and agilely migrate and update their businesses on cloud. In addition, it adopts a flexible pricing strategy with high discounts, rewarding customers with an extremely cost-effective service experience. Moreover, its proprietary Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) boasts over 99.95% linkage stability and robust acceleration capabilities, where one single tunnel can handle one million concurrent requests. These advantages, together with other Tencent Cloud services, perfectly satisfied the business needs of Pitaya Games.

The Benefits

1. Tencent Cloud features very high management efficiency, as its web-based console offers one-stop OPS services for all purchased items, eliminating the need to log in to different platforms to view the deployment status of various cloud services and products and thus significantly improving productivity.

2. Tencent Cloud adopts a flexible pricing and billing strategy that includes pay-as-you-go and tiered pricing, ensuring that you pay only for what you use at a minimal cost. On top of which, Tencent Cloud leverages its large global presence to deliver the best user experience, ensuring you get the best value for what you pay.

3. Tencent Cloud's 24/7 online support team promptly responds to customer queries and issues, letting customers use the service with a peace of mind.

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