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Customer Introduction

JOOX is an international platform for music lovers, boasting over 45 million songs in its vast library. In addition to global hits, artists, and albums, it also presents personalized playlists, live concerts, and musical events. Moreover, it offers the karaoke and chat room features, where users can sing, chat, and have fun with friends.

Challenges & Goals

Challenged by the fierce competitions in the pan-entertainment industry, JOOX needs to go beyond its major business of music to offer a wealth of premium audio/video live streaming services, such as live concerts, live musical events, karaoke, online chat, and co-anchoring, with the aim to meet the diversified needs of countless users for live streaming and retain them with smooth, stable, and clear live streams.

JOOX has a large user base in Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Facing increasingly higher distribution bitrates and more users, JOOX found it crucial to have a live transcoding solution featuring high definition at low bitrate for it to reduce CDN streaming costs while ensuring stable operations.

Why Tencent Cloud

Based on JOOX's needs, Tencent Cloud integrated its live streaming, VOD, and real-time communication products into an audio/video technology base, which enables JOOX to deliver a stable and smooth music experience in a one-stop manner.

- Live chat rooms, where users can co-anchor, chat, give gifts, and send on-screen comments

- Integrated TRTC + LEB solution for ultra low-latency interactions, where users can smoothly mic on/off and enjoy an audio chat latency below 300 ms and playback latency below 1000 ms

- Leading transcoding capabilities for high definition at low bitrate, where Tencent Extreme Speed High Definition (TESHD) outputs the same quality with 40% less bandwidth used, presenting users clearer live streams and significantly reducing the bandwidth costs of live streaming

- Virtual live streaming with immersive interactions and much more fun, where users can take tours and interact in virtual live rooms

Highlighted Benefits

With the aid of Tencent Cloud's live streaming capabilities, JOOX can easily cope with large-scale online musical events. For example, it exclusively streamed the live event of Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), a major K-pop ceremony, in 2020. Thanks to the HD, stable, and low-latency live streaming services of Tencent Cloud, JOOX is able to guarantee a superior watch experience for numerous users.

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