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Customer Introduction

Posify is a leading platform for omnichannel smart retail operations that is committed to empowering the digital transformation of SMEs.

Posify offers online store solutions and is the first platform to help build Weixin Mini Program stores in Hong Kong, China. It enables SMEs to explore new channels for social networking ecommerce and tap into new opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Greater Bay Area). It offers a unified backend to help merchants easily set up an online store management system across different channels such as HTML5 mobile, desktop, app, and Weixin Mini Program, thus delivering an integrated and optimal consumer experience.

Posify also provides POS solutions for brick-and-mortar stores to help them improve their operational efficiency and customer experience. Its full-featured mobile POS solution is one of a kind in Hong Kong.

Posify serves businesses of different sizes, from a small online shop to a listed chain corporation, and offers a comprehensive range of services to help them streamline operational processes and improve the operational efficiency and profitability. At present, it mainly operates in Hong Kong, Taiwan (China), Singapore, and the Greater Bay Area and is planning to expand into other parts of Southeast Asia.

Challenges & Goals

As a SaaS platform, Posify requires a powerful cloud architecture in addition to software architecture to support its sustainable development. The efficiency, scalability, and stability of the cloud architecture, network security, and real-time support all deserve careful consideration in order to deliver an enterprise-grade SaaS experience for its customers.

Why Tencent Cloud

Posify mainly uses the following Tencent Cloud services:

1. Database

Posify has opted for TencentDB for MariaDB and TencentDB for Redis. As the main database for online transaction processing (OLTP), TencentDB for MariaDB adopts the architecture of one primary node (read-write) and two secondary nodes (read-only) and boasts automatic backup, rollback, and other features, helping Posify improve its system performance and availability. The distributed cache technology of TencentDB for Redis is also fully leveraged.

TencentDB for Redis enables Posify to design and process business logics for different use cases. For example, during online flash sales, Posify can use TencentDB for Redis instances as a buffer to reduce the read/write loads of databases and prevent access delay or failure due to traffic surge.

2. Logical application layer

The logical application layer consists of system server APIs, through which online store entries, APIs, backend entries, and reports are handled. To meet the diverse needs of merchants, a combination of independent Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) and Auto Scaling (AS) instances is adopted for Posify's each type of server, which, along with Cloud Load Balancer (CLB), can achieve automatic traffic distribution and automatic configuration adjustment based on traffic. This helps Posify improve its system availability and save costs.

3. Network connection

In addition to CLB, Posify also uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver static content needed by online stores, such as images, CSS code, and JS code. This speeds up file downloads and responds faster for a smoother user experience.

4. Network security

All Tencent Cloud services are under protection by multiple layers of firewalls. Only ports required by specific services are open to isolate risky operations. To strengthen network security, Posify uses Anti-DDoS to prevent service unavailability due to high-traffic DDoS attacks.

Highlighted Benefits

Thanks to Tencent Cloud, Posify is not only better equipped to address various challenges in cloud infrastructure, but also sees significant improvements in efficiency, scalability, stability, network security, and support services. It has received a lot of positive customer feedback about the speed increase after migration to Tencent Cloud.

Tencent Cloud has been playing an essential role in Posify's business expansion. Tencent Cloud's highly efficient and secure cloud services follow strict information security policies to prevent attacks. Furthermore, the services are highly flexible, making it easier to scale anytime as needed. More importantly, Tencent Cloud's technical team provides professional opinions and support for Posify to underpin its rapid development.

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