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Customer Overview

SANY Intelligent Mining Technology Co., Ltd. (SANY Intelligent Mining) is a subsidiary of SANY Group, a top industrial machinery corporation in China. With a vision for "digital, smart, and green mines", SANY Intelligent Mining specializes in the development of unmanned machinery and equipment for open pit mining, smart machinery and equipment for underground mining, smart mine management systems, and AI algorithm platforms.

Business Challenges

Remote control solutions are crucial to self-driving mining trucks. In case of emergencies, the safety admin on board can be evacuated through remote intervention. This not only improves the work efficiency but also lowers the risk to the personnel. In the past, SANY Intelligent Mining implemented remote controls through traditional webcams, resulting in a poor remote control driving experience with an image latency of about 500 ms. Moreover, static IPs had to be configured during deployment, which did not support traversal across private IP ranges and were unsuitable for many scenarios. Additionally, one cockpit could be associated with only one vehicle and supported connection with just a few vehicles, and switch between communications links had to be handled independently.


According to the customer's requirements, Tencent Cloud's unbounded 5G real-time remote control product offers software solutions based on the customer's existing hardware environment. The remote video gateway software is deployed for the automotive domain controller, which is connected to FPD-Link cameras. The remote control video server software is deployed at the customer's data center. Remote control SDKs are provided at the cockpit, which can be integrated with the customer's own cockpit software.

Customer Benefits

Thanks to Tencent Cloud's unbounded 5G real-time remote control product, SANY Intelligent Mining's autonomous mining truck solution delivers an excellent remote-controlled driving experience. The image latency over 5G private networks decreases from around 500 ms to 120 ms. In terms of the operational efficiency, it provides permission control capabilities and enables one-to-many monitoring and flexible multi-vehicle switch, so that one safety admin can take care of multiple vehicles at the same time. The deployment is simple and flexible, and there is no limit on the number of vehicles. Once the new vehicle gateway is powered on, the deployment can be implemented without additional network configurations required. The solution is adaptable to various types of networks, including the 5G private network, local area network, and public network. It supports video storage by driving time, cockpit, and vehicle, so that the video can be searched and watched conveniently.

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