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Customer Overview

As a pioneer in video banking and enabler of service mode transformation for over 100 banks, Feihu Interactive Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the application of interactive video and AI technologies in the finance industry. Feihu Video Banking, a remote video banking service, has set the trend for technology innovation in the finance industry.

Feihu has created a golden combination of video + AI + RPA to empower financial digitization and reshape the marketing and service processes in the financial industry. It breaks through time and space constraints to implement 24/7 operations and automatic execution of efficient, accurate, secure, and traceable business processes. This enables users to enjoy "face-to-face" financial services online.

Project Background

Brick-and-mortar bank branches remain the primary channel for human service, which is an essential part of banking services and holds key to bank competitiveness. According to a global survey conducted by Gallup, 86% of customers prefer face-to-face human service when dealing with complex financial business.

As demand for digital financial services is growing rapidly, bank branches still have difficulty in extending their services to the digital world. Therefore, it is imperative for them to embrace digital transformation.

Business Challenges

  • Given the complex network environments on the user side, video banking service demands low latency and a high system stability. Clear and smooth real-time audio/video communication provides an important basis for video banking.
  • The finance industry has high requirements for security and timeliness. Security reinforcement is required for audio and video based on the industry's specific needs in order to develop audio/video services for the finance industry.
  • Bank branches deal with a variety of complicated online transactions, which requires a powerful and effective support platform.
  • Customer-facing WeChat and WeChat Mini Programs are important channels for banks to connect with customers. Therefore, the capabilities of secure connection to the WeChat ecosystem are of vital importance.


Based on Tencent Cloud's globally deployed RT-ONE™ network, Tencent Cloud Media Services can meet a wide range of business needs for real-time communication, instant messaging, and more, helping ensure smooth and clear playback and improve the user experience and business efficiency.

  • Omnichannel underlying audiovisual platform: It supports deployment in private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment with linkage optimizations and provides a unified platform for various business scenarios over both private and public networks. While ensuring secure data transfers, the Tencent Cloud finance-dedicated audio/video channel enables stable, HD, and smooth real-time audio/video calls, with a call latency of less than 200 ms.
  • Interconnection across channels and platforms: It supports interconnection across Android, iOS, Windows, web, WeChat ecosystem, and other platforms and is compatible with various devices.
  • It can meet the needs of complex financial business scenarios.
  • Finance-grade security and encryption system: It supports audio/video transfers over private protocols, provides the finance-dedicated audio/video channel (TRTC Finance Edition), and supports on-cloud data transfers and audiovisual recording quality inspection, meeting the finance industry's standards for audio and video.
  • Based on TRTC's UDP-based protocol and Tencent's proprietary technologies such as cFEC and cPLC, it can help you deliver high-quality services even in complex network environments.
  • Related products: Tencent Cloud backbone network and TRTC.

Customer Benefits

Feihu Video Banking leverages Tencent Cloud's powerful backbone network and Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC) technologies to actualize mobile-based remote video banking services. It supports audiovisual recording, two-way transfer, and flexible integration with business scenarios to implement the service upgrade from text to voice to video. Meanwhile, it enables banks to provide financial services 24/7, so that customers can get business transactions done by video or AI tellers anywhere, anytime, without going to a branch.

This helps realize the goal of video-based and online business transaction processing, strengthen the accessibility, timeliness, convenience, and interaction of banking services, revitalize the idle production capacity of branches, and maximize resource sharing, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement.

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