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Customer Introduction

HK01 aspires to build a “Media +” internet lifestyle platform, which provides instant and diversified news & lifestyle information in more than 60 channels, as well as personalized lifestyle services with multiple service platforms. Since setting its foot in 2016, HK01 has proven its success by drawing intensive engagement of audiences and making influence in the city, in 2022, HK01 has recorded nearly a total of 10 billion page views. Previously also recorded more than 1.4 billion page views and over 17 million active users in a single month, reflected that the company has reached not only to its home market of 7 million Hong Kong people, but also the global Chinese communities including Taiwan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and so on. In Hong Kong, HK01 is the only local internet company that firmly ranks among top ten and one of the world-wide largest Chinese media platforms.

Challenges & Goals

As a leading online news media company in Hong Kong, HK01 has faced the challenge of launching multiple products under a tight schedule. With a large audience of over 17 million active users, each product launch requires a significant amount of infrastructure. In order to streamline this process and improve the efficiency of their operations, HK01 has turned to a cloud technology vendor to serve as their primary service provider.

Cloud solutions offer several benefits for HK01. Firstly, they allow the company to launch products quickly without the need to build hardware stack. Secondly, cloud solutions provide the flexibility to expand infrastructure as needed and to serve customers during peak hours without downtime. This is especially valuable for solutions that may be difficult to build in a private environment, such as data connections and content delivery networks, which require specialized knowledge and expertise.

Overall, HK01 is using Tencent Cloud solutions to ensure that they can continue to meet the high demands of their audience and maintain their position as a top online news media company in Hong Kong.

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud has developed close relationships with local carriers in an effort to provide high-quality network experiences for end users. This has helped Tencent Cloud become one of the providers with the best peering with last mile mobile and fixed network services in Hong Kong. This year, HK01 is planning to significantly increase the amount of video content it produces, but building a delivery network for this content can be a challenge. Tencent Cloud's CDN solutions are designed to meet these needs, delivering video materials at a lower cost. Tencent Cloud team is also able to quickly identify and fix the issues encountered during the CDN implementation, integration and online usage, demonstrating their commitment to IT users and their management.

Highlighted Benefits

With the help of Tencent Cloud, HK01 strengthened their content delivery infrastructure and solidified their position as a leading source for timely, high-quality news. The company's switch to Tencent Cloud has allowed it to improve scalability, enhance competitiveness, and reduce costs, all while delivering a better experience to its audience. Tencent Cloud's advanced features such as advanced security measures have been crucial in helping HK01 stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

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