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Established in December 1996, Haixia Bank of Fujian is a provincial joint-stock commercial bank. The bank strives to explore differentiated and distinctive development paths and has gradually formed business characteristics and competitive advantages that fit the local economic development. As of the end of 2021, the total assets of the bank reached 201.146 billion CNY.

Challenges & Goals

In the early days, Oracle databases had first-mover advantages in openness, scalability, and risk control and therefore the databases used by Haixia Bank of Fujian were mainly Oracle databases.

In the era of cloud computing and big data, the financial business has developed rapidly and the business traffic has surged in recent years. Databases with the traditional IBM, Oracle, and EMC (IOE) architecture have shown obvious shortcomings in business continuity and scalability. In order to strengthen technology reserves, improve business continuity, reduce costs, and enhance core competitiveness, Haixia Bank of Fujian has explored digital transformation and searched for a database that supports the multi-site active-active IDC architecture.

Tencent Cloud Solution

After several rounds of tests for database product candidates taking into account of security, stability, business continuity, Ops costs, successful cases, and product ecosystem, Haixia Bank of Fujian chose Tencent Cloud’s enterprise-grade distributed database service TDSQL. TDSQL features strong consistency among multiple replicas and in terms of high availability supports intra-city active-active and cross-region disaster recovery. TDSQL also supports elastic horizontal expansion and in the aspect of intelligent Ops provides automated operations, monitoring, and warning features.

Recently, Haixia Bank of Fujian has officially launched a next-generation core business system with the architecture of microservices and distributed services, thus realizing database localization.

The transformation of the core business system took 14 months. Thanks to the excellent compatibility, mature migration capabilities, and technical service support provided by Tencent Cloud's enterprise-grade distributed database service TDSQL, Haixia Bank of Fujian quickly completed the database localization for its core system. Based on TDSQL’s 2-region-3-DC high-availability architecture, the bank also realized intra-city active-active and cross-region disaster recovery. Launched at the same time as the new core system are the accounting system and general ledger system as well as data standards and data warehouse.

With respect to architectural design, the new core system uses the Sunline V8 technology to integrate seamlessly with TDSQL and incorporates technologies such as microservices, read/write separation, and multi-source synchronization. On the basis of ensuring global consistency of finance-grade data, the new core system is easier to use and can effectively break through the concurrency bottleneck of the original centralized core system and provide higher availability and dynamic expansion. In terms of architecture deployment details, Haixia Bank of Fujian adopts the 2-region-3-DC architecture. Its database has one primary node and three standby nodes and supports strong sync between two data centers in the same city to achieve fast and automatic disaster recovery at data center level with zero data loss.


The adoption of TDSQL has sharply reduced the database software costs for Haixia Bank of Fujian. For the same sum of computing and storage resources, the bank can save about 8 million CNY per year and will continue to enjoy reduced costs and improved efficiency brought by TDSQL.

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