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As the 18th listed brokerage firm in China, Soochow Securities has a professional securities service system with the basic structure including securities brokerage, asset management, investment banking services, investment services, and fund and bond distribution services, providing a full range of securities financial services.

Challenges & Goals

The core trading system is the most important business system for a brokerage firm because it connects to institutions including stock exchange, China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited, and futures exchange. Since securities trading affects users’ profit in real time and market fluctuations cause unpredictable trading concurrency, the core trading system of a brokerage firm has extremely stringent requirements for the underlying database that stores key data such as customer information, transaction records, and transaction flow. These requirements involve such aspects as reliability, consistency, performance, and operation quality.

Traditional core trading systems of brokerage firms mostly use foreign commercial databases. In recent years, in order to ensure the security of financial information, financial institutions have started to apply independent and controllable technologies for their core systems, and the database of core trading systems is one of the top priorities. Soochow Securities actively responds to the national strategy and builds a next-generation core trading system to promote independent and controllable development in the industry.

Tencent Cloud Solution

Soochow Securities cooperated closely with Tencent Cloud and the builder of the trading system to promote the full integration of the trading system with Tencent Cloud TDSQL. This enables the data middleend system of Soochow Securities to interconnect and integrate with TDSQL, which solves difficult technical problems such as environmental adaptation and the compatible operation of the system and data collection in heterogeneous environments.

Eventually, after several rounds of verification including database proof of concept (POC) testing, system adaptation, functional testing, performance testing, and live trading testing, and on the premise of ensuring no missing system functions and no degradation of overall service performance, Soochow Securities’s new A5 full-stack homegrown node of the next-generation core trading system was officially launched on December 11, 2021, carrying its important trading, service, and risk control functions.


Tencent Cloud's distributed database service TDSQL has been successfully implemented in the next-generation core trading system of Soochow Securities, helping the system become the industry's first core trading system that is fully independent and controllable from infrastructure and underlying systems to upper-layer applications.

At present, the next-generation core trading system of Soochow Securities is running steadily, carrying more than 160,000 customers’ live trading business smoothly, and the average daily trading volume is close to 100 million CNY.

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