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Customer Introduction

Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited (“NCB”), commenced business in Hong Kong on 14 December 1949. NCB has cherished the spirit of “Customer-Oriented and Courteous Service” and upheld the principle of “Reputation First and Service-Driven”. While establishing a strong foothold in Hong Kong with the support of the Chinese mainland, NCB has taken on the mission to look globally and serve customers around the world.

NCB set up the strategic goal of "being a professional bank which is customer-oriented, financial technology-oriented and combined with cross-border and investment and commercial banks". NCB has provided its customers with convenient, efficient, and professional banking services through diversified channels. Presently, it has 33 branches in Hong Kong and has also established a wholly owned subsidiary, Nanyang Commercial Bank (China), Limited (NCB (China)), in the Chinese mainland, upholding the development philosophy and requirements of "One Bank", emphasizing integrated operation, establishing a management mechanism for business development integration, and increasing governance operating efficiency, offering comprehensive banking services.

In 1982, NCB set up a branch in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, becoming the first foreign-owned bank branch in the Chinese mainland after the foundation of People’s Republic of China. On December 24, 2007, NCB (China) was commenced to further expand NCB’s development in the Chinese mainland. Headquartered in Shanghai, NCB (China) provides professional and quality products and services to customers with its network of 39 branches. On May 30, 2016, NCB officially became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Cinda Group (“Cinda Group”) with the underlying development strategy towards the future as: Leveraging the platform of Cinda Group, they fortify the development of traditional banking business with a focus on clients. Meanwhile, they establish a distinctive brand for cross-border financial business and big asset management business through highly-efficient collaboration in order to become a commercial banking group in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong – encompassing the qualities of integrated, international, and modernized – with the capability to provide in-depth integrated cross-border financial services.

Challenges & Goals

In the past, NCB's sales staff used mainly personal Weixin accounts to engage with customers, but they found that it was not the most effective means of enterprise-level customer management. What's more, because personal accounts are not verified for their association with the company, customers tend to have doubts about the authenticity of a sales representative, which has a negative impact on customer experience.

Why Tencent Cloud

WeCom is a communication and office automation tool specifically for enterprises. While it provides the same communication experience as Weixin, it also offers rich (Official Account) OA functions and the ability to connect with Weixin. It can help companies build a smarter business ecosystem and achieve smarter management and service delivery.

During the coronavirus pandemic, WeCom became an important communication tool for people working from home.

WeCom comes with lightweight OA applications built in. It also offers a wealth of third-party applications and more than 200 APIs for enterprises to connect with their existing applications, making it possible to build an integrated OA system that is accessible to employees anywhere and anytime.

With the ability to connect with Weixin and support for Mini Programs and corporate payments, WeCom helps companies efficiently connect with their customers and deliver services with higher quality. Employees can use their WeCom accounts to send messages to customers' Weixin accounts, thus presenting themselves as a unified and professional team. Also, customer information is saved in the company's system and can be maintained even after an employee leaves the company.

Highlighted Benefits

NCB has benefited in many ways from their switch to WeCom.

1. The company can monitor the communication between salespeople and customers. Communication data between employees and customers is saved, giving the company a more intuitive insight into its customer base.

2. Verified WeCom accounts are more recognizable to customers.

3. In cases where an employee leaves the company, their account, along with the customer data in it, can easily be given to another employee. This helps the company prevent loss of customer data, build customer loyalty, and improve customer experience.

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