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Customer Introduction

KUPU is an Indonesian mobile recruitment platform by Dalligent Solutions, connecting job providers and seekers. The platform provides upskilling courses to increase employment visibility and to ensure each user is provided with equal opportunities to showcase their strengths. Furthermore, it is now expanding its following throughout Indonesia and is looking to collaborate with initiatives from public and private sectors to further strengthen the employment industry.

Currently, over 3 million job seekers are using KUPU, as well as 150,000 employers, and around 50,000 to 60,000 businesses recruiting and job-seeking. It is built using digital technology and aims to provide a more flexible and efficient platform for job seekers and employers compared to traditional methods such as referrals and personal recommendations. KUPU uses intelligent structured interviews and AI asynchronous videos to achieve a more effective and efficient two-way matching process, which accelerates the digital transformation of Indonesia's human resources sector.

Challenges & Goals

Committed to improving overall efficiency and effectiveness in Indonesia’s poorly digitized recruitment and identity verification processes, KUPU sees an opportunity in Indonesia’s talent market. With the country’s large population accounting for over 40% of Southeast Asia, KUPU believes that recruitment and talent resource services have certainty and market demand and sees potential in developing platform-based products in this concentrated population market – in addition to having few competitors in the market environment.

While KUPU initially focused on blue-collar recruitment, the company eventually found that blue-collar talent supply was very sufficient, so problems could already be solved with a simple information release advertisement. Therefore, the future commercial space is not that big. By the end of last year, KUPU adjusted its target audience and model, now focused on new businesses and new professional talents. In the second half of last year, the epidemic’s recession and economic recovery gave way to emerging local or from outside capital companies. These companies do not have the ability of employer branding, so they will choose to invest more resources and costs in hiring better people in a more updated way.

KUPU provides more convenient ways for job providers to hire their ideal staff members, with the ability to post jobs and introduce their businesses with profile videos, select and screen candidates efficiently with pre-recorded interview videos, and send job offerings to multiple candidates streamlined into a one-click, easy and convenient process. The platform has a video interviewing feature that allows for structured and standardized answers to questions. To enable efficient screening, KUPU also leverages self-developed AI technology to transcribe and categorize the video interviews, highlight the key points, and rank the candidates.

Why Tencent Cloud

KUPU’s current recruitment model mainly focuses on dual-end matching, with core capability of portrait and matching algorithm. To achieve success in this model, KUPU uses virtual humans and video technologies like Tencent Cloud to conduct real-time or quasi-real-time video interviews and create a more scenario-specific interaction. It also utilizes Tencent Cloud’s one-stop media playback solution based on Tencent Cloud's VOD product, as video and audio technology is an important foundation for KUPU to improve recruitment interactivity and efficiency. This includes media acceleration, storage, transcoding, media processing, media AI, accelerated distribution playback, and copyright protection, all of which are high-quality integrated media services.

KUPU has chosen Tencent Cloud among other providers for its qualities and capabilities, such as its PaaS-level video and audio platform, cost-effectiveness and fast team responsiveness. Furthermore, KUPU acknowledges Tencent’s advantage due to its experience in in C-end user products that are verified on a large scale.

Highlighted Benefits

To improve video upload performance, KUPU has adopted Tencent Cloud's VOD upload acceleration solution. This solution is based on Tencent Cloud's globally deployed acceleration network, which intelligently selects the optimal link, increasing upload speed by over 60%. By using the HTTP/3 protocol and optimized congestion control algorithm, the solution significantly improves the upload success rate in weak network environments.

Furthermore, Tencent Cloud's VOD product also provides KUPU with a high-speed and high-definition transcoding solution that reduces video size without compromising video quality. This effectively reduces platform bandwidth and storage costs. Due to the challenging network conditions in Indonesia, KUPU has chosen Tencent for the actual effect of video encoding and decoding, such as the size of the encoded video, the quality of the picture, and the performance brought by some technologies such as acceleration in uploading and distributing. As KUPU has two-way video, these critical capabilities are very important and must be resolved to be able to transmit in real time.

Customer Quote

Haibo Zhou, Chief Executive Officer of KUPU, said, “We chose Tencent because of their extensive experience in C-end user products, which have been verified on a large scale. As a company that values product experience, we resonate with Tencent's capabilities, which are mined from real demand scenarios. Their excellent video encoding and decoding capabilities, as well as technologies for accelerating uploading and distributing, are critical for us, especially when operating in regions with poor network conditions like Indonesia, where we offer a two-way video service. Our collaboration with Tencent Cloud address challenges with real-time transmission of recorded videos.

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