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Customer Introduction

Cyber Pal, a young subsidiary of CyberAgent, serves the KOL marketing industry and once won the best content creator award in the business creation competition held by CyberAgent. It developed the "Telelive" platform where users can easily hold online handshake events during their downtime. The platform enables KOLs to hold various campaigns and events and aims to become the best "personal" social network in Japan.

Challenges & Goals

Before working with Tencent Cloud, CyberAgent had never used a solution matrix that integrates TRTC, LVB, VOD, and IM. Therefore, the technical support provided during the development process was an integral part of the service.

Satisfying the customization needs of existing business features in a short period of time was also a notable challenge. With its powerful product development capabilities and flexibility, Tencent Cloud met all CyberAgent's needs and facilitated business launches as scheduled in a smooth manner.

Why Tencent Cloud

In addition to the great advantages in performance, Tencent Cloud also provided quick responses to customer questions and thus built a solid relation of trust with CyberAgent. During the development, Tencent Cloud personnel gave in-depth instructions on the usage of APIs and SDKs. Issues found in development were communicated and resolved face to face with CyberAgent engineers, significantly reducing any and all difficulties faced. Thus, 80% of the development work was completed in one month. The Tencent Cloud product team was able to meet all CyberAgent’s customization needs as well.


Basic beauty filter features are provided free of charge.

Tencent Cloud IDCs guarantee high bandwidth and SLAs.

With the aid of interconnection between TRTC and LVB, real-time content distribution can be implemented through video calls.

Up to 100 channels can be transcoded concurrently, satisfying various user needs.

Highlighted Benefits

Tencent Cloud's high-quality services ensure 24/7 stable business operations. CyberAgent has successfully developed its brand new online live streaming platform with Tencent Cloud, and Tencent Cloud's premium products and services won CyberAgent's recognition and praise.

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