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Customer Introduction

Mynet Inc. is a "100-year company of Online Era" that continues to take on the challenge of creating value in an increasingly online connected world with the vision of "creating a society where you can meet the people you want to meet, when you want to meet them".

The company's current core business is the game service business, which has opened up a secondary market in the game industry. Utilizing data and asset-sharing platforms accumulated through the management of Japan's largest number of games, the company aims for the long-term development of all game titles under the theme of “A decade lasting space".

In their “third founding phase” starting in 2020, the company aims to create new social value by expanding into new domains with an eye on the AI/5G era.

The Challenge

1. Modern smartphone games have a real-time PvP that requires powerful computing resources, especially CPU.

2. Requires constant internet access and a reliable network stability is a must. Unstable connections may result in player loss.

3. The high volume of concurrent online players creates massive read/write operations on database servers and requires a high I/O spec.

4. To minimize opportunity loss due to server failure, architecture that avoids single points of failure is necessary.

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud quickly met Mynet's needs by providing a wide variety of services including resource assessment and infrastructure event management. In addition, it offered 24/7 round-the-clock support during the launch of their game, ensuring a stable game performance. Tencent Cloud’s responsiveness and service quality is highly rated by Mynet.

Mynet used Tencent Cloud’s resources in Japan to migrate their game between cloud services safely. A special mention to DTS (Data Transmission Service) that managed to transfer data rapidly to Tencent Cloud.

Tencent Cloud’s proven products and services, such as our high-performance CVM, TencentDB and COS, met Mynet’s needs with efficiency and security. Tencent Cloud’s CDN also prefetched resources for quick delivery, ensuring an optimal player download experience and helping Mynet accelerate their growth.

The Benefits

Mynet is able to provide stable service with Tencent Cloud’s support, and its cost effective services will support their “A decade lasting space”. Mynet will continue considering Tencent Cloud as a candidate on their ongoing migration.

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