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Customer Introduction

WITH Ltd. is a product development company that aims to create new user experiences, and it was founded in May 2010 under the corporate philosophy “We won’t be satisfied until we make an impact on the world.” The WITH Ltd. Group is mainly engaged in planning, development, and operation of smartphone apps, and offers a variety of services tailored to the times. These services include "with", an online dating and matchmaking service; "INSPIX", a virtual live concert platform; "TLUNCH", a food truck platform; and mornin’ plus by Robit Inc., which designs, manufactures, and sells hardware and software. WITH Ltd. is determined to continue to take on challenges in new areas by accurately identifying potential user needs to create services that will become new standards.

Challenge & Goals

Background of the development of the "with" Call Beta Version

Under the supervision of mentalist DaiGo, "with" has used psychology and statistics to make matches between people who are truly compatible. After matching, however, people may find it hard to get a sense of what the other is like or the conversation may not take off from messages alone, so a match may not result in a date or a relationship. To address this, the "with" Call Beta Version allows users to exchange messages, voice calls, and video calls with their matches, all inside the "with" app.

Challenges in developing the "with" Call Beta Version

For "with" to have call functions, WITH Ltd. needed to ensure stable, high-quality video calls and to establish a monitoring and support system that would allow their customers to use the service with peace of mind. But there was a challenge: the amount of time and money they needed to develop the necessary functions in-house.

Why Tencent Cloud

To solve this, WITH Ltd. used Tencent Cloud’s TRTC SDK, which enables easy integration. WITH Ltd. also used various other Tencent Cloud services so they could develop the necessary functions at minimal cost, such as high-quality video calls and safety-related recording and image detection.

They felt a sense of security adopting Tencent Cloud because of its extensive track record in TRTC and other video and audio solutions in Japan.


Using TRTC in combination with other Tencent Cloud services makes it possible for WITH Ltd. to develop various services such as interactive live streaming and on-demand delivery solutions. WITH Ltd. expects that this will enable the linkage of their other services in the future.

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