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Customer Introduction

Black Inc. is a startup that develops and operates the cloud gaming platform "OOParts".

OOParts adopts a subscription-style mode for unlimited gaming, with the aim to eliminate user barriers to gaming. Games that previously could only be played on Windows can now be played on any devices on various OS (e.g. iOS and macOS).

In addition, Black has also adopted a special mechanism that can use patented technologies to convert games of different eras into cloud games in a short period of time, thereby minimizing the burdens on game vendors.

Challenge & Goals

OOParts is a game platform created based on new technologies of image distribution and cloud gaming.

1. Low latency is essential in the image distribution of cloud games. It was a big challenge for Black to ensure low latency while dealing with multiple OS environments.

2. Real-time image distribution requires continuous transfer of large amounts of data, which will incur huge costs. How to reduce costs was another challenge faced by Black.

Why Tencent Cloud

Black believed that based on the technologies of Tencent, the world's largest game company, and many best practice use cases specially developed for game platforms, Tencent Cloud was its best choice to solve these challenges.

The determining factor in Black's decision to adopt TRTC was that TRTC could be used on certain Android devices that were not previously supported. With the increase in the number of compatible terminal devices, more and more positive feedback has been received from users.

On Windows, TRTC provides SDKs not only for C++ but also for C#. By using the C# high-level programming language, Black can improve their own systems more quickly.

The image latency is stable at 100–200 ms, which makes Black trust Tencent Cloud for image distribution.


Tencent Cloud services are characterized by instant customer support directly provided by software engineers.

What surprised Black was that in order to meet the needs of OOParts, Tencent Cloud managed to complete the work in just a few weeks after the personalized requirements for product updates and improvements were put forward.

In addition, Black was able to work together with Tencent Cloud engineers to solve technically complicated problems during fault isolation and image latency verification.

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